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  羅琳目睹瞭丈夫和小三在一起,她心痛和憤怒。 Luo Lin was witnessed the husband and small 3 together, she is aching with anger. Her boss expresses love to her again, also be him come out the crisis exposure in marriage of collect beautiful jade, what is his intention? Is he right is of Luo Lin to fall in love at first sight really? When a when discover summer of boudoir sweet leaf ambiguous friend, luo Lin was astonished, how to meet such? Luo Lin was become abandon Fu, she got acquainted with Lin Junxi, the man that a career has, can he be in is Luo Lin, this beach that abandons Fu lentic in what kind of billows to arouse?


  • 驱魔师的爱情故事


    她是大名鼎鼎藍傢繼承人,驅魔降妖視為天職;他是聲名遠揚林傢的單傳,大隱於市安然度日。 She is heir of famous blue home, drive demon falls bewitching regards bounden duty as; The sheet that he is far reputation Home Yang Lin is passed, old hidden from view lives peacefully at city. A casual encounter, two people had interweave, the destiny begins a change because of the Vodka of that cup of 75 ° , whether to weep in you when, be destined to want me to fall in love with you...

  • 平民千金


      她是母親給人代孕時多出來的一個孩子,她是被豪門傢族遺忘瞭的千金,雖有花容月貌,卻難逃命運的捉弄。 She is a child that when the mother gives a person acting pregnant, comes out more, she is by rich and powerful family familial forgot a thousand pieces of gold, although have stunning beauty, flee for his life hard however the embarrass of carry. Be bullied as a child, firm college graduate abandons by the boy friend, good the person that encounters sincerity not easily to like, this thinking the true life the emperor that found oneself, thinking of is be involved in arrived however an emotive eddy, the family has contract early, the other side still is his half-blooded close elder sister. . . . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   new book introduces: Yu Luoxin book " the secret with little emperor bestows favor on: Charming wife is begged hard " in uploading, ' saw you more because of be in the crowd only, did not forget your appearance again from now on ' , "Aux would rather wait for you to appear with this lifetime, I am in all the time you beside, never go far! " the most beautiful it is first love, the most painful also be first love, should meet again, still whether renew leading edge

  • 少爷,我不准


    曾幾何時,你是我的信仰。 Before long, you are my belief. Childe, should change clothes; "Favour " . Childe, can not change again install. . . . "Favour? Changeless, how do I bring a wolf to enter decoy. . . " now, you are my prey. Him of far: How do you know me won't hurl oneself willingly into the net, ah. . Future, I am your dependence. Our love, original pure pure love; With the simplest way reductive love, the hand pulls a hand, go final together. . .

  • 帝少的小新娘


      她和他青梅竹馬,明明! She and a bamboo stick used as a toy horse of his green plum, obviously! But he told her however that day, he is loving another woman! She is sad, bar is bought drunk, made the business that should not do however, on incur ought not to the person of incur! So far she escapes, he is chased after; She is capricious, he includes; She gets into trouble, he is solved, his church she grows, complete decay, be in get along in, when she falls in love with him, he is pulling the walks into marriage hall of another woman however, she is overwhelmed with sorrow, taking an injury to escape!

  • 无花蔷薇


    不是所有感情都會有始有終孤獨盡頭不一定惶恐可是生命總免不瞭最初的一陣痛舊的過去新的生活______無花薔薇 Not be place not certain terrified can be at loneliness of sentient metropolis carry sth through to the end life is unavoidable always the life ______ with the new past with original one old labour pains does not have Hua Qiangwei

  • 痞少追爱:预定小小妻


      據說阮氏的大少爺有瞭一個未婚妻,對於這段灰姑娘與王子的“愛情”,很多人都是抱著看戲的態度,這不,剛訂婚不久,一個自稱阮少高中同學的女人就跑到公司公然勾引他。 Allegedly the eldest son of Ruan had a fiancee, to this paragraph of Cinderella and prince " love " , a lot of people are the attitude that adopting playgoing, this not, just was engaged before long, a wife from the classmate in weighing Ruan Shaogao runs to company barefaced accost he. Do I go... Ruan Jiana this " is Ruan Wangshi blow small 3 encyclopedias " is she white those who read? With small 3 fights, absolutely not lenient, for oneself happy consider, move when this skill, a good fun began...

  • 我的明星大少爷


      在中心廣場上,為瞭找表妹的江秀語不幸被一幸運雪糕砸中瞭,從此就拉開瞭跟未來天王李寒澤的交火戰! On central square, in be being broken unfortunately by one lucky ice cream to look for the Jiang Xiuyu of cousin, pulled open from now on with prospective day Wang Lihan lustre fight battle! In hall thunderbolt institute, li Han lustre appears in front of her with the attitude of a cut above others again, aggressive, proud, all issues that concern with her, he should insert on one foot. Good, on the beach, she was captured by him carelessly handle, from now on rancor is deeper; When film, displeased him unfortunately again, contradict from now on aggravate...

  • 婚姻那道坎儿:弃妇有晴天


      羅琳目睹瞭丈夫和小三在一起,她心痛和憤怒。 Luo Lin was witnessed the husband and small 3 together, she is aching with anger. Her boss expresses love to her again, also be him come out the crisis exposure in marriage of collect beautiful jade, what is his intention? Is he right is of Luo Lin to fall in love at first sight really? When a when discover summer of boudoir sweet leaf ambiguous friend, luo Lin was astonished, how to meet such? Luo Lin was become abandon Fu, she got acquainted with Lin Junxi, the man that a career has, can he be in is Luo Lin, this beach that abandons Fu lentic in what kind of billows to arouse?

  • 法式豪门:首席调香师


      她以與生俱來的靈敏嗅覺,在試香大賽中奪得瞭冠軍,自此步上瞭調香師的精彩人生。 She with inherent acute smell, carried off in trying sweet contest champion, went up to move the wonderful life of sweet division from this pace. He is formidable a childe of Ou perfume group, person of outstanding talent of rich and powerful family, do not have a drag in with her it seems that. What? Friend circumvent? Is male friend betrayed? Still add vogue of rich and powerful family to encircle the trade war of strife openly and secretly? Her bath fire grows, not dread all previous is experienced, never expect childe of that rich and powerful family that is guarding her all the time however, unexpectedly dark to her strange sincere feeling... dispute of hate of love of   rich and powerful family pulls open heavy curtain at this point...   osmund osmund fossa: 314438298 welcomes are broad the book is friendly people join oh!

  • 豪门错爱:钻石老公火爆妻


      他不是鉆石王老五,卻用世界上所有的鉆石做成愛巢送給她;他不是花匠,卻拿著世界上最美麗的玫瑰花向她求愛;他不是世界首富,卻有著讓財富榜排前十的富豪為他打工的身傢。 He is not diamond Wang Laowu, love mew to send her with all diamond make it on the world however; He is not floriculturist, taking the most beautiful rose on the world however to her courtship; He is not world head rich, the rich and powerful person that having before letting fortune a list of names posted up discharge 10 however is the body home that he works. She is not cheek the most beautiful, the woman with best figure, it is the young woman with the hottest rich and powerful family however, person or event associated with evil or misfortune of the most top class rich and powerful family is opposite the world of her hasten like look for, an undeserved kindness, pester lifetime.

  • 嗜血冷少好霸道


      為瞭還債,她把自己交給瞭他! For repay a debt, she gave him herself! She says: I conceived your child! He says: Destroy her! ... his indignant clutch is worn her neck, leng Nu wears: "Ling Xiaojian! When it is the most dangerous that you ought not to be in, think of that individual, you should know, he cannot protect you! On this world, my Ji Chuyang is only capable to protect you! " . . . . . . She laughed: "But I, of need is not you! Of need is not you!!

  • 恶魔在左,首席在右


      【2013舊作,已完結】  一次意外她擁有聽見鬼魂聲音的能力從戰地玫瑰變成不入流小寫手,  偏偏隻有那個極品男人能為她驅魔除鬼。 [2013 old make, already be over]   she has the accident hear soul audio ability becomes from battleground rose do not enter spread hand of the ordinary form of a Chinese numeral, unluckily only man of that highest grade can divide ghost for her drive demon. The female ghost of astral class hotel? Close take! The water ghost of European ancient fort? Do calm! The male ghost of deep-sea salt field? Become a friend! What? Has highest grade man had drive ghost capacity no longer? Be swung or staying? This is a difficult problem definitely. . . . .

  • BOSS追缉:至爱萌妻很迷糊


      她傻傻笨笨迷迷糊糊,身邊還跟著一枚小竹馬。 She is foolish foolish stupid stupid confused, a small a bamboo stick used as a toy horse still follows beside. He is short of without place, sleep to be not worn alone only however become aware, until encounter her. "Gu Susu, if you dare escape again, I put sample of your make it in my the head of a bed! "     " Wen Xu, I am not your hypnotic pillow! " Er of swiftly of   big BOSS laughs, "You still have other function really. "You still have other function really..

  • 萌少寻爱:再宠我一次


      “唔唔……幹嘛牽我的手? "Hm hm... work the hand that pulls me? " , of her bus bus blinking an eye, toot is worn mouth, affectedly sweet ask affectedly sweetly. "Want to pulling you because of me! " the laugh of his evil evil spirit is worn, looking is so evil evil spirit however. "Pull a hand? You had done this kind of thing. " cancel the issue that cancels a hand, he has not known how to much had done to answer   " not, this is insufficient still, I continue to pulling you even, pull a hand all the time you! " of exuding tenderness and love through eyes look at her, handle gently holds her gently that spinous chin, all speak in eye ground.

  • 豪门夜爱:股王的百万妻


      一百萬美金,她將自己擺到瞭賭桌上,不曾想,人財兩失,未婚夫沒瞭,積蓄沒瞭,還守著那最後的防線做什麼,一百萬美金,她不虧瞭……一夜之後,她灰溜溜的跑瞭,卻沒想到竟然中獎瞭,那一夜晚,在黑暗中,她連那個男人的臉都不曾看到,卻帶瞭獎品回來,這下要怎麼辦? Megabuck, she placed herself bet on the desk, never think, person money two break, fiance was done not have, the saving was done not have, still defending that last defense line what to do, megabuck, she did not have a deficit... after one night, of her gloomy ran, did not think of however actually win a prize in a lottery, that one night, in darkness, she never sees even the face of that man, took prize however, this how should do? Take off or stay? October be pregnant, have a golden hair when the boy that be delivered of, when a pair of blue eyes, close the regret that there is a lot of in glad heart, that one evening, she should see the face of that man, can this all one's life take that pity only?

  • 亿万萌宠:逃婚上上策


      他迪拜商業界的帝王,她平凡朝九晚五的便利貼小白兔。 He enlighten the monarch that does obeisance to business circles, she is ordinary toward 9 evening the advantage of 5 sticks small white hare. The encounter that travels, she became his fiancee. "Dear BOSS Yours Excellency, since you had found fiancee. That begs you to carry high expensive hand lets off me this leads a wandering life the young woman with friendless foreign land! " some male look at her commandingly. "The wedding tomorrow just is short of a bride, if you dare not appear, calculate you to escape to China I also have ten million to plant what the method makes you darling is automatic return me beside. " Mu Xiaoran wants to cry how is he touched went up so one overbearing blackguardly, she decides to take despotic power power gamely under must ' escape '

  • 一世情真:若爱,擦肩过


      若愛擦肩而過,那麼剩下的會是什麼? If love to brush a shoulder and pass, so what is the meeting that leave? It is compunction, vexed, unwilling, regretful, painful still, reckon above holds concurrently and have. What is the cost that abandons love? The person ability that perhaps has experienced only is experienced. So pray...   if God is willing to give you opportunity word again, how can be you done?

  • 冷战大款老公


      這個該死的男人,當年利用瞭她,現在她傢破產瞭,他就毫不留情地一腳踢開她? This blamed man, used her in those days, her home went bankrupt now, he ruthless one foot spurn her? The divorce divorces, who is afraid of? This kind of man does not want! But after 3 years, she for the child, can choose to resume marriage with him again only! And this man however 3 break up 4 times to taking other woman to come home, on purpose with her oppose! She distains, for the child, her what is sustainable, can be that man truly,

  • 重生千金:错惹腹黑男


    重生險遭欺辱,她不再是任人玩.弄的江弄影! Renascence danger meets with bully disgrace, she is to hold the post of a person to play no longer. The river of lane gets a vague impression! She is strong, overbearing, attune of of one mind. Teach perfect bad man, grow a face for oneself! His absolutely abdomen is black, hypocritical, to chase after her in one's hand, outfit is good, outfit is pure, cooperate her directive! Eat her dry clean later, after knowing after ability, become aware discovery, compare with her, he is wrapping around directly namely the small sheep of wolf-skin! This book: Tell about female advocate after renascence to revenge one pace male advocate tone. The old practice that teachs unique big bad wolf...

  • 99次逃婚


      一覺醒來,發現自己在一張粉藍色的病床上,揉瞭揉朦朧的雙眼,看著這一切陌生的一切,咬咬牙想要站起來,卻發現自己的四肢無力,隻好做罷。 Shut-eye awakes, him discovery is on the sickbed of blue of a piece of pink, rub hazy double eye, look at everything all these is unfamiliar, bite gnash one's teeth to want to stand up, what discover oneself however is limply, be forced to be done. "Little girl, did you wake? " she looks at   the man that doorway insecurity is running to come in, babade looks at the eye he, the eye of this person is very familiar, has she seen? "Handsome uncle, who are you? "   some male corners of the mouth is smoked, uncle? Is he has an uncle apparently so?