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  她神奇地出現破壞瞭他的好事。 She appears magically the favour that destroyed him. He is admired by her beauty a Jing, put down the beautiful the wife of a prince in the bosom, meet unexpectedly with her. She melted the firm ice of his heart, arouse him to seem igneous enthusiasm. Unexpectedly, his enthusiasm is misunderstood. 2 people are immersed in kink. But his arrow annals not change, stand fast inner love. : "Since today, you are my person! " moved she. They removed a variety of misunderstanding, admit the other side each other. Below layer upon layer plot, classics of their all previous a variety of cross. But they stand fast from beginning to end. Final, they break through tight encirclement, repair Cheng Zhengguo!


  • 穿越也疯狂:逃嫁狂妃


      我跆拳道黑帶三段高手張小庭,竟然被一塊磚頭砸得穿越,這也太遜瞭吧! My taekwondo is black take Zhang Xiaoting of hand of 3 stage high, be broken so that pass through by a brick actually, this also too inferiored! More of abdicate is, I passed through actually a wealthy businessman not white-headed white-headed daughter, still be forced be married a fort advocate do small concubine! Hearsay that fort advocate old ugly, want this girl to marry him, still become small concubine, do not have the door! This girl should escape marriage! Escape on marriage road, this girl disguises as a man, still install all over the face the Zhang Tianshuai of mad wild big fellow of full beard, have settle on of handsome young man actually I, BL of this time popularity? ! Madder wild is, settle on my handsome young man is more than, however several, does then this girl want to be chosen how? Alas, dot of place arms name a person for a particular job does not come out, say I also am fed up with to them again, simply, I said to them with respect to large drop face----Handsome brother, my Comrade Tian Shuai does not issue heart really forcedly to come disappoint everybody is right my deep feeling, as, you are complete from this girl, how? Below foot of numerous handsome young man one soft, trip, crash is become, crash is become, splash a dirt countless.

  • 皇上抢婚:鬼眼盗妃惑天下


      一朝穿越,竟然被浸豬籠,死裡逃生又被逼占山為王,幸好有一對貼心的兒女。 In one day passes through, actually by dip pig basket, barely escape one's life is forced occupy hill to be again king, have a pair of close children fortunately. Look, much more sensible, this meeting is her actually this woman enrols a husband in person. But they enrolled 10 men actually,come back. What? Little girl is pulling finger actually, of one is assured and bold with justice say: A dad accompanies me to play, a dad accompanies a woman to kiss, a dad accompanies a little brother, a dad makes money raise us, a dad beats a back in person to the woman, a dad... etc, how is this intermediate man such look familiar? One pulls the person skin mask on his face, it is the dear father of the boy-girl twin actually, current the emperor...

  • 宫女复仇记:御前尚义掌凤印


      【本文情節純屬虛構,請忽模仿】她是現代品學兼優初中生,受虐至死,穿越卻成罪臣之女,全傢滿門抄斬之跡,隻有她一人幸免! [article clue made out of whole cloth, imitate suddenly please] she is contemporary article learn to hold actor junior high school concurrently to be born, suffer cruel to death, pass through to become a crime however of official female, family the whole family copies the mark of behead, have her only one person escape by sheer luck! Bear animosity of all over the body, she is slave-girl into palace. He is the emperor that stand high above the masses child, also be her personal enemy child. He loves her, she however already the heart is belonged to somewhat; She loves him, her family dies because of him however. In the feeling that in love hate interweaves, small a lady-in-waiting, how rapidly go up in the world, before making his drive highest female official -- drive Qian Shangyi. Before drive from 3 taste female official, how the Gong Fengyin after the palm is being held...

  • 女人不坏男人不爱:赌来的相公


      兩個以男人為賭註的女人,一個嗜賭如命,一個嗜錢如命,一個希望能贏來人傢的賭神相公,一個試圖以未婚夫贏得大把黃金。 Two are the woman of ante with the man, be like,a be addicted to is betted life, money of a be addicted to is like a life, an appearance betting a god that hopes to be able to win bearer home is public, one tries to win big gold with fiance. Two women are like wished, hua Tianjiao wins successfully came appearance of Qian Nu that bet a god is public, and Qian Nu not only win came ten thousand and two gold of Hua Tianjiao, still collected a pretty good fiance. Prince China sunlighting celestial bodies was defeated by by charming of day of little sister China the Qian Nu that money of be addicted to is like a life, and the Li Mufan that bet a god by his not the Qian Nu of a form of address for one's wife of move into one's husband's household upon marriage was defeated by be addicted to to bet those who be like a life to bet Hua Tianjiao of celestial being princess. Two are become to become the man of ante, how can you penalize these two audacious women again?

  • 穿越千年爱上你:宁不为皇妃


      OMG,穿越過來,居然被一支箭射得暈瞭過去,醒過來,卻發現自己穿到瞭仇人的傢裡! OMG, had passed through to come, be shot dizzily by an arrow unexpectedly, wake, in the home that discovers oneself wore personal enemy however! Face Philistine to do how? It is the truth that takes heart of the most poisonous woman of course, get Philistine family mix even fowls and dogs are not left in peace! Want to revenge, the son of personal enemy very handsome, OK, that uses badger game! He, lukewarm embellish is like jade, shrewdness is dark, however alone does not agree to be opposite her calculate; He, fly upwards jump, tasteful unruly, however alone is deep to her affection; He, pretty without companion, frozen absolutely affection, wish to show softness for her only however; He, jing just admires absolutely, supercilious, wish to hang the wife of a prince for nothing for her only however.

  • 倾国妖后:蛇王囚后


    她,一心尋死,無心穿越,卻惹上蛇界權勢最高的蛇王。 She, commit suicide of of one mind, pass through involuntarily, offend however on the anguine king with anguine group highest power and influence. He, a pair of peach blossom eyes that smile a thin smile, evil spirit of languid lazy evil, however elegance and talent uniques among his contemporaries. He what shop when unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, she of the chilly on bar, a what kind of angle will perform? Of one mind is thinking her what escape, never think rile however him, from now on, his hind palace is just as a decoration, after anguine king begins convict! Fall the flower becomes grave, fleeting time is fleet, chiliad of turn one's head, see a flower leave decline, it is the tear already became die young only!

  • 倒霉的穿越:嫁你有条件


      路珠穿越瞭,而且是帶著‘拖油瓶’穿越,沒錢沒房,在這架空的年代隻有等著餓死瞭,這也就算瞭,竟倒黴的被個破老太太纏上瞭……  黴星照頂,路珠認瞭。 Road bead passed through, and it is to be being taken ' bottle pulling oil ' pass through, do not have money to do not have a room, waiting only in the time of this built on stilts starved to death, this also calculated, have bad luck unexpectedly by broken old lady tangles went up...   mildew star takes a top, road bead admitted. The family is already self-made, seek means of livilihood oneself, meet local tyrant even why on earth...   is breathed out ha... the handsome young man came, and more than still, the family is to use calculate, this meets her want to use a plan, look mildew has carried, did good luck come...   what? Oneself save this cuts an old lady is mother of an emperor. These handsome young men, the sons that are her... too good, not only have a handsome young man, still golden hill silver-colored hill is waiting for road bead to go prodigal, how good life ah...   small swinery: 86459168

  • 单挑妖孽殿下:帝后妖娆


      楚都的人都知道南宮傢的七小姐整日追著美男跑,楚都的人都知道南宮相爺的審美觀無比強大,楚都的人還知道他們父女兩個,一個把持朝政,一個橫行霸道。 Hunan the person knows south chasing after the United States the 7 young ladies of palace home are whole days male run, hunan the person knows south the aesthetic view that palace photograph as form of a address for an official or rich man is extremely powerful, hunan the person still knows them father daughter two, one one or two runs affairs of state, a tyrannize. Then 7 young ladies enter palace, 7 young ladies became queen. Choose beautiful field to go up, 7 young ladies that " elegance and talent all shows " ah. "The emperor, you have eye too. " empress very narcissism, very martial. The emperor very hold back is bent, want to hit a wall very much. Bridal chamber spends candle night, 7 young ladies that " gain fame " ah. Crush dragon bed, frighten run the emperor. But who knows this again inside in detail. He is fed up with her, let her marry his 7 younger brother. She waves: "The emperor, can not have after period. Can not have after period..

  • 超惨的穿越:烈妃赋


      俏丫頭穿越:朕的俏男妃http://bookapp.book.qq.com/origin/workintro/123/work_2220155.shtml 穿越後成為瞭千金小姐,卻在一夜間被人滅門,她幸好逃脫,卻又被劫去賣成奴。 Pretty girl passes through: After Http://bookapp.book.qq.com/origin/workintro/123/work_2220155.shtml passes through, my spruce male the wife of a prince became young lady of a thousand pieces of gold, be being destroyed overnight however the door, she escapes fortunately, be sold a slave however again by disaster. Expect, host is the poor boy that she has been kissed two years ago and says to want to marry her however, and be tormented by every means to me... an accident, the princess sends prince me, from now on the life of adventruous palace began, diabolical and general prince, the 3 prince with general person or event associated with evil or misfortune, chill king as form of a address for an official or rich man, the princess of demon, and what begin to always appear that he, who, can you be my emancipator finally?

  • 落跑俏王妃:王爷请放手


      王爺我不是蘇若琪我是蘇若琪,呸,總之你丫別過來! King father I am not Su Reqi I am Su Reqi, bah, anyhow your bifurcation does not come over! Do not listen? Hum, the bird in be being kicked is decisive first-rate with.

  • 逼上花轿入深宫:错爱冷血帝君


      男人,即便你是全天下最驕傲的皇傢人又如何,我要讓你愛上我,然後萬劫不復…… Man, even if you are the emperor family with whole the proudest the world how, I should let you fall in love with me, next beyond redemption...

  • 邪帝倾心:惑妃从天降


      她神奇地出現破壞瞭他的好事。 She appears magically the favour that destroyed him. He is admired by her beauty a Jing, put down the beautiful the wife of a prince in the bosom, meet unexpectedly with her. She melted the firm ice of his heart, arouse him to seem igneous enthusiasm. Unexpectedly, his enthusiasm is misunderstood. 2 people are immersed in kink. But his arrow annals not change, stand fast inner love. : "Since today, you are my person! " moved she. They removed a variety of misunderstanding, admit the other side each other. Below layer upon layer plot, classics of their all previous a variety of cross. But they stand fast from beginning to end. Final, they break through tight encirclement, repair Cheng Zhengguo!

  • 庶女妖娆:误惹痴王爷


      因為電梯出事而穿,她穿越成瞭富傢的庶出小姐。 Have an accident because of elevator and wear, she passed through the misbegotten young lady of rich home. Depend on the intelligence an wisdom of a suit, she is in eventually this honour low is trenchant familial in had position, encountered archaic edition again however " neuropathic " king father...   commerce battle of wits, palace of king government office is fought, undertake love to complain tangly with a few fine men even. Walk out of from Wang Fu, went up battlefield, life and death a few fold, see love of the place in him heart clear eventually, think end, encounter palace bend country to change again however, two love his man, a life and death is right definitely, how should be Gu Changge chosen?

  • 疏影倾国


      秦疏顏常常在想,  她和慕容影,是否真會如他們約定一般,  待到君臨天下,相忘於朝堂江湖。 Qin Shu colour often is thinking, she and a surname shadow, whether to if their agreement is general,meet really, need regnant the world, forget Yu Chaotang all corners of the country.

  • 山有木兮木有枝


      山有木兮木有枝,心悅君兮君不知。 Hill has Mu Xi wood to have a branch, mr Yue Junxi does not know the heart. On the not ended mainland of 4 minutes of the world, the undercurrent between wolf of massacre of coil dragon, float, blood, Na Lingzhi is billowy. Enclothe hand of demon of day of a block stealthily on billowy earth like that, the world is enveloped in dark black in. Who is just the king of real numerous king, what is just the future of not ended. She what let writhe along with billow and he encounters, photograph of life and death of capsize the world is followed, in all achieve a paragraph of hoary head Shao Hua...

  • 倾城乱:妖王的宠妃


      千年古樹,上善菩提,他懷裡抱著的那隻小狐貍,在他手裡,就連最後的一絲精氣也隨風散去。 Chiliad Gu Shu, go up bodhi of be apt to, that only small fox of the move is held in the arms in his bosom, in his hand, connect last an essence breath to also drop off along with wind. . generation: ? Hut of ? of Ci of heir of second ? of Jian of Li of ? of scar of Zhao of gauze of shipboard of pay of faculty of warm up of ? Qiang fat dimple changes imperial mandate of a short wooden stake of ? of ? of peptone of ? of Zheng of ? of Gou of Mu of string of dirty θ illicit. Suan of tangerine of ? ⒒ La! > the two people that? of to joke ? differs twice originally, went one case however, but old day came loose finally however her essence yuan, sealed his chiliad. This world: ? ? neck armour sentences moisture in the soil of ? of ィ of ? of ? of copy of Gan evil spirit to pull ? of ? ? Song to knock Chun Mei to be ? of oxime of ? of Pan of another name for Taishan Mountain of Chinese toon of ? ? Fu! ! ?

  • 我是奸臣我怕谁


      鳳傢有女初長成,養在朝堂誰不識? Phoenix home has female blossom first, raise hall of hold office at court who is known? City of person of men's clothing bend, red country of makeup bend person. Face of lotus of half attack by surprise, for who is lovesickness become? Feng Mo, inside, he is tasteful and cheesy, the capital of Yu Shulin wind the first childe, face hall was gotten on, lane was gotten below, confused girl, fought scampish. Outer, he is develop country the first treacherous court official, patted equestrian fart, collect got money and valuables, firm got heart, killed schoolfellow. He or she? World of a different and the young woman that come, an ineffable country beauty male hodgepodge, a wind and cloud is dark hall of emerging develop state court. Cannot do good person, become treacherous court official, you one numerous beauty male play applausing. The emperor? Should you kill me? I am not afraid of, for what? Am I treacherous court official who am I afraid of? New book fast give: ? Children's hair of ? of ⅲ of ? of room of make a present of of mallet envy barium stops moth of ? of team of ? of Ni of deceive of Cao of Yun of the pancreas that expend ? brightness blame ? imprints! ?

  • 弃后大翻身:誓夺圣心


      最近宮裡有個留言,皇後病瞭,一大早總是老是惡心幹嘔! Gong Li has recently leave a message, empress is ill, one big early always often disgusting retch! Drive cure nods: Empress is to be pregnant. Accept Buddhist nun? She was pregnant unexpectedly, that child father was done not have, how should she do? After two years, the child ablactationed, she resolutely set foot on look for the child the road of his dad. My child, how can do not have dad. I, how can do not have the husband to become a widow.

  • 锦绣良缘:无赖王妃


      她被風國殘暴的大王子風吹花強行娶進風國,被欺凌,被辱罵,甚至清白不保。 She is blown to spend by the big princely wind with wind atrocious country marry the country that take wind forcibly, by ride roughshod over, by abuse, do not protect with clean hands even. And see her how endure humiliation in order to carry out an important task, kill in this an abyss of suffering machine hide hind palace, bottle turn the samite fleeting time that gives to be like Hua Reshi? However, most firm is the most poisonous not be feminine heart only...

  • 废材惊天逆袭:狂凤驭妖


      自古以來馭魂者皆是逆天而行打亂輪回的罪魁禍首。 From of old drive fetch person all be counter a day and throw into confusion all right the culprit of metempsychosis. Hearsay does this pain that can suffer blaze to burn a body sooner or later, either signing up for is moment did not arrive. She, the division of talent drive spirit in the population inside travel, the person that one one endures blaze to burn a body and escapes from death only. What although had escaped,the sky falls is catastrophic, do not hide to cross factitious plot however. Phoenix from the month, day absolutely the mainland the princess of afraid of wind of the first powerful nation, still suffer the envy of 10 thousand people when maternal abdomen is medium. But be born before before long the national division of mouth cheap says her however be born, will make wind afraid country weal and woe double to. Birth day day falls blizzard is whole the Supreme Being puts feet of inside back cover on the ice, cruel-hearted father also would rather not want disaster advent without blessing, take her by the throat in swaddle. When the soul of division of spirit of drive of 21 worlds talent, treat windward afraid nation the human body of useless material of the princess, be to reduce useless material or overmatch to rise abruptly after all?