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  郝仁,人如其名,是個好人,理想是平平安安過一輩子,當個窮不死但也發不瞭財的小房東——起碼在他傢裡住進去一堆神經病生物之前是這樣。 Hao Ren, person if name, it is a good person, ideal is to make the same score smooth An An to pass all one's life, become an end is not dead but the small landlord that also cannot send money -- at least piles in the occupy in his home is such. The big house of a devious stale, pile the biology outside the person with normal not very, still one comes from " deities " labor contract, 3 element add up let Hao Ren become the busiest landlord on this world and the most high-energy nurse, the story of the the the most confused, strangest, most abnormal lodger landlord begins at this point. "Hit on labor contract to press fingerprint to rose that day oneself, I know I am to go up pirate ship... "


  • 异常生物见闻录


      郝仁,人如其名,是個好人,理想是平平安安過一輩子,當個窮不死但也發不瞭財的小房東——起碼在他傢裡住進去一堆神經病生物之前是這樣。 Hao Ren, person if name, it is a good person, ideal is to make the same score smooth An An to pass all one's life, become an end is not dead but the small landlord that also cannot send money -- at least piles in the occupy in his home is such. The big house of a devious stale, pile the biology outside the person with normal not very, still one comes from " deities " labor contract, 3 element add up let Hao Ren become the busiest landlord on this world and the most high-energy nurse, the story of the the the most confused, strangest, most abnormal lodger landlord begins at this point. "Hit on labor contract to press fingerprint to rose that day oneself, I know I am to go up pirate ship... "

  • 修真四万年


      “倘若這宇宙,真是一片殘酷血腥的黑暗森林,我們修真者,也會燃燒自己的生命,綻放出微弱的火花! "If this universe, it is a brutal and bloody dark forest really, we are repaired true person, also can burn oneself life, blossom a faint scintilla! "     " even if this scintilla is again faint, again brief, again insignificant, but want us only in a steady stream is constant, advance wave upon wave, have a day eventually, scintilla can ignite fireweed, meeting burn reachs weed bush, bush can spread to be cultivated greatly! "     " final, little spark, can be in this dark forest, start fire of day of set the prairie ablaze, enlighten whole world! "   *****************   repairs   to took the place of 40000 really, an everyday border land teenager, blusterous stars, the hot-blooded legend of dictate the Milky Way!    -------------Already had two groups: Old ox parlor 202330158 (2000 people swarm, leave a seat vacant for sb! ) parlor of   old ox 2 groups of 386336065  

  • 直死无限


      “從今天起,你將成為主神空間中的一名主神使者,周而復始的來往於一個個的世界,那樣,你會得到別人一輩子都得不到的東西。 "Since today, you will become one of giving priority to divine space advocate divine emissary, the comes and go at each world of go round and round, in that way, the thing that you can get others is couldn't get all one's life. "   is in from this word that one instant that just rings in the brain in, square the life in is destined to become no longer ordinary. . . (PS: Already was over novel of this above of two 5 million word " girl big call " with " all-around illusion " , have moral integrity newlier, each book friend can be at ease edible. )

  • 我在末世有套房


      核戰之後的末世,到處都是一片狼藉。 The last phase of an age after nuclear battle, it is one ins disorder everywhere. If you did not take care to live to come down, so next you the fear that must face hunger and disease, meet to night crazy funeral cadaver, what still those become because of radiation grotesque is heterogeneous. . . Be opposite however for Jiang Chen, here is heaven however. It is unattached a person of extraordinary powers everywhere curtilage, it is the car of a person of extraordinary powers of abandon everywhere, still have that gold of unmanned make inquires and black science and technology. . . What? Are you the manager of company of prewar XXX game? Is class of 3A of special responsible plan fictitious does true area network swim? Good come to an agreement or understanding says, work to me development hand swims, day firewood are two steamed breads enough? Is love mad 6? Ultrathin? See not, is the mobile phone of company of science and technology of person of my this future covered than covering thin still is your letter believed? Aircraft carrier? Opportunity for combat? Oh, those play meaning I also have, be flying aerospace nevertheless the sort of. . . And look have freedom to move back and forth the Jiang Chen of two worlds capacity, how to make an over or across disgraced the empire with last phase of an age. . . The book is friendly group: 482875504, reader of Vip of 518159612     group: 280098889 (need orders check scheme test and verify completely, illicit a little administrator and group advocate OK)

  • 史上最强店主


       商通萬界,讓所有人給我打工。 Business tells 10 thousand groups, let everybody work to me. Zhou Yang obtains business of 10 thousand groups to extend a system accidentally, trade myriad face. "I ever held small-sized auction to meet, the emperor that comes has more than 100, hear of the czar that still two call Li Shimin. "     " the holder that I ever let divine carve world, help me breed snake of Pu Si Qu. "     " the everyone that I ever started sea thief world, go to sea help me search diabolical fructification.   of · of · of · of · · · this is Zhou Yang obtain business of 10 thousand groups to extend a system, become history on the story of the strongest merchant. The book is friendly group! The book is friendly group! The book is friendly group here! ! ! ! ! : 476927380 VIP group: 341118145 (need orders check scheme test and verify completely)  

  • 会穿越的外交官


      從小立志做一名外交官,完成媽媽的遺願。 As a child aspire becomes a diplomat, the last wish of the mom that finish. Get suddenly passing through system, the first received job is actually " kill soldier of a devil " , can win systematic award. See the diplomat of skill of an all over the body, how to play reincarnation extent.   

  • 两界搬运工


      自由穿行在現實世界和玄幻世界之間,安靜的做一個兩界搬運工。 Freedom crosses in reality the world is mixed between black unreal world, become bearer of a two bounds quietly. The target of poplar is to build the automation line of medicine of red of a magic weapon of on a daily output 100 million! PS1: 6.4 million words are over this " game of spirit of evil of last phase of an age " can explain book crop failure. PS2: Group 463750414

  • 位面电梯


      一次偶然,東方玉發現老舊住宿樓的電梯,在特定的時間,能夠隨機傳送到小說,電視劇,電影,乃至動漫的世界。 Accidental, oriental jade discovers the elevator of building of old old accommodation, in specific time, can convey randomly novel, teleplay, the film, and even change the world that flood. From now on, life becomes wonderful... friend of book of letter of     V chats group had built, add V signal 410464410 join. Penguin chats group: 524756349, the book is friendly group enter want picture of original subscription cut.

  • 机破星河


       夢想是……有實力的人才能談論的現實。 The dream is... the reality that the person ability that has actual strength talks about. This is the times that a talent comes forth in large numbers! This is a Ying Jie everywhere times! Noble and civilian are intense conflict, federal and Caesarean strife openly and secretly, outside the region of ready to do sth...   is when the truth in cannon-shot of battleship gigantic artillery piece, order nowhere Xuan Zhangzhi border. The intelligent life that Mu Fan is carrying mystery " black " , bringing the will of press forward with indomitable will, firm firm tears apart the times of big the Milky Way of this surging forward with great momentum! ==============================     (Qq group: 204382735, respectful welcome captain of a warship of each aircraft division! Enter group of conditions to ask only 200 vermicelli made from bean starch can)  

  • 黑暗王者


       災難爆發,世界末日。 Disaster erupts, doomsday. Survival is surrounded by impregnable fortress firmly, new order is built inside the wall...   counterpoises desire, devotional, darkness is permeated each other, layer upon layer brand is in each corners of popular feeling. Virus indulge in wilful persecution, does the person's true colors where? "I do not want to live, I think living. " -- Du Di installs   ...   is written have " the horrible storm of last phase of an age " " dark civilization " " restart last phase of an age " novel of 3 last phase of an age, two 10 thousand order high-quality goods, character assures! -- -- 0 -- Tie Fenqun of   government authorised edition 67806066 (enter test and verify of graph wanting cut) friend of   government book collects 194249257   of ground to add group good, laogu is in two groups ~  

  • 武侠世界大穿越


      一位武學天賦極高的現代散打高手,穿越於各類武俠世界中,一步步成為顛峰強者的故事! A Wu Xuetian ode is extremely tall contemporary medicinal powder hit ace, pass through in world of of all kinds knight-errant, become the old practice of summit summit overmatch step by step!   

  • 守望黎明号


      主角陸遠,大陸的陸,遠方的遠。 Leading role land is far, the land of the mainland, of distance far. This is he is relied on advocate magical world, the dimension that passes through to differ individually, save the emigrant airship that is close to destruction finally " matutinal date " story. The Bo Dezhi door of strange unreal magnificent, the Caribbean of battleship contend for hegemony, exceed daily airy countryside, exceed the lyceum silent that spread out to show collection, different biochemical crisis He Yitian, of course, still have " battle, forever the iron blood of warlike " is allied... the rank that more and more   people joined Liu Yuan, what matutinal date is horizoning in course is matutinal. This book spans formally 3 million word! The teleplay that has watched world destruction countless times? How to know to transform the person that reap into democratic fighter? The name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty this actually very of bud! The method that makes fleet fight has a lot of kinds, I like two the most miscreant kinds, machine armour and knife of behead naval vessel... everything, all be in quality effect!   

  • 幻想世界大穿越


      當幻想成為現實,天朝少年能否踏上成神之路? Become reality when the illusion, day day teenager whether the road that sets foot on a god? Have pass through different can Chen Ang, pass through in airy world. Be in " never-ending " in the world, obtain preterhuman wisdom, in " exceed system " in the world, peek becomes magical mystery, from " laugh be proud all corners of the country " begin, exercise to benefit the internal organs of cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, him evolution, by " the calamity of mad boa " in, take immortal key, preterhuman serum, hopeless situation drug, x factor, spider gene, lizard drug drugs magical way is long and rugged, sacred forbidden zone is dangerous and peek is hard, I all the way not regret!   

  • 电影世界大盗


      竊鉤者誅,竊國者侯,盜竊一方世界又何如! Steal kill of the person that hook, usurp state power person Hou, world of larcenous one party how about! Move back and forth film world, pilfer daughter advocate, pilfer treasure, pilfer one party insults movement, without place not pilfer. Leading role people each cries crying: "My air carries! "     " my big good luck! "     " my goddess! "   Fang Xiaoyu sneers wave: Everything is me. Great robber system is in personally, after countless years, discover air transport adds a body awesomely, stand erect Zhu Tian! [the reader that supports original subscription can enter Vip group 547456328]

  • 废土崛起


      一塊方便面勾搭一個金發大奶,不是天使面孔魔鬼身材就別到我面前來瞭。 A convenient cover seduces a golden hair to be suckled greatly, either figure of angel face devil does not arrive before me came. What? Match ham bowel even? This business can have a deficit a bit, unless give me Li of that fierce and brutal trailing plants,become gift. Test and verify group: 344936871

  • 电影世界大抽奖


      稀裡糊塗的,左小右得到瞭一塊手表。 Of muddleheaded, zun Xiaoyou got a watch. This watch not simple, have actually move back and forth the ability of film world. Every finish the job of film world, can undertake big lottery. Lottery sort is a certain number of a kind of an article in the film world that just has experienced, ability, cash, and the character of this world. " Xie Wen 2 " in take the martial art such as shadow boxing south Hong Zhen, " urban hunter " in smoke those who be as high as to bet art, " lacquer of homebred approach approach " in in smoking in order to enrage drive knife, " bet a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct " in the distinctive function of the Zhou Xingxing in smoking, " Lu Ding is written down " in bone continous strike with the palm of the hand is changed in smoking, " Dong Chengxi " in does blanket fly in smoking... well? Etc, " is cuss complained " ? " midnight fierce bell " ? " 2012 " ? You want to play me dead! ************** film 1 group: 126576945 (full already) . The film 2 groups: 179811821 (will full) the film 3 groups: 521875356 (just enable, the welcome is joined)

  • 星河贵族


      大時代的星空下,貿易沖突,星際爭霸,資源競爭,貴族交鋒越演越烈。 Below the sky of old age, trade conflict, interstellar contend for hegemony, resource competes, aristocratic engage in a battle acts more jump over intense. This is best times, she allows people to have a dream. But this also is worst times, everybody bosom is taking ideal no sooner has one fallen than another steps into the breach to be buried. The teenager immense forest of slums, in order to do not have the Diao Min attitude that the heart does not have lung, resembling is one handle dagger, the disclose of dripping wet of merry and lively cuts this period. In the heart of each man, bury is worn sky and sea. So this world, should have some of hero. ============  

  • 我的末世基地车


      末世即將到來,江流石意外得到瞭一個可以讓交通工具改裝升級的黑科技。 Last phase of an age is coming, river flowstone accident got one can let vehicle change one's costume or dress the black science and technology that upgrade. Scan, can undertake changing one's costume or dress immediately. What, do you think I is this medium cling to car? Actually I this is to be able to be in cadaver of funeral of an eccentric person dash around madly, still can metabolic is super base car. Not only ballproof the cadaver that prevent funeral, there still is bedroom, kitchen, shower bath inside, still can generate electricity. Last phase of an age is affliction, but river flowstone passes easygoingly however, corpse is like tide outside at one's convenience, river flowstone has big eat to eat, soft bed sleeps, you give birth to at one's convenience to spend a belle without the school that can love, will also be met on opposite life is full of a hope.

  • 主神大道


      時間遊蕩,生命掌握在誰的手上?星河浩瀚 ,塵埃浮遊漂向到何方?悠悠蒼古,是誰在歷史的長廊歌唱?長發滿頭,忽抬頭凝望一生的時光?朝花夕拾,物飛流光。 Time loafs about, on whose hand is life control? Vast of the Milky Way, is dust pelagian float to to He Fang? Leisurely dark green is ancient, be who sings in historical a covered corridor or walk? Grow hair full head, look up suddenly the days that gazes at lifetime? Toward Hua Xishi, content flying time. Who is just the starlight of the bright in historical endless flow? Into king defeat bandit, bei cool a fierce and powerful person. The winner draws historical song coils, shallow chant of indignation of the person that be defeated is vocal. Sages and men of virtue of since time immemorial is all doleful, a long time 1000 carry days to pass. In whose hand does the destiny master after all? Bureau of chess of heaven and earth of rich play chess, 100 common people give birth to laughingstock. Remote all living creatures, all be castle. Struggling all one's life is the one soldier on others chessboard nevertheless however. Multivariate freely, look at sb disdainfully everything. Struggling indefinitely is a Yu Hui between my finger only. Welcome to advocate magical world, the world that welcomes to me... of Gu Yue advocate divine space: 2The 34250428 complete friend that order a book group: 451985924

  • 机战无限


      普羅米修斯,次元夾縫的無限要塞,一個隻穿梭於機戰的無限世界作為唯一一個屬性沒一個滿10的地球弱雞,蕭然感覺壓力很大但熟悉的劇情,熟悉的機體參數,熟悉的機體部件,蕭然表示可以逆天無限的機戰,機戰版的無限任務世界:《高達SEED》——>《超時空要塞F》——>《高達00》——>《終極任務》——>《革命機》->《高達0079》—>《高達SEED2》—>《機器人大戰OG》機戰無限書友群197703028 Prometheus, the infinite fastness of dimension crack, an infinite world that moves back and forth at machine battle only serves as exclusive an attribute does not have full the earthly weak chicken of 10, xiao Ran feels pressure is very great but familiar gut, familiar airframe parameter, familiar airframe component, xiao Ran expresses to be able to go against day of infinite machine battle, the never-ending task world of machine battle edition: " be as high as SEED " -- > " F of overtime empty fastness " -- > " be as high as 00 " -- > " ultimate mission " -- > " revolutionary machine " - > " be as high as 0079 " , > " be as high as SEED2 " , > " the robot is big battle