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  • 直死无限


      “從今天起,你將成為主神空間中的一名主神使者,周而復始的來往於一個個的世界,那樣,你會得到別人一輩子都得不到的東西。 "Since today, you will become one of giving priority to divine space advocate divine emissary, the comes and go at each world of go round and round, in that way, the thing that you can get others is couldn't get all one's life. "   is in from this word that one instant that just rings in the brain in, square the life in is destined to become no longer ordinary. . . (PS: Already was over novel of this above of two 5 million word " girl big call " with " all-around illusion " , have moral integrity newlier, each book friend can be at ease edible. )

  • 都市超级医圣


      財法侶地,修行其實是一項非常耗錢的奢侈運動。 Ground of money law associate, cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine is the extravagant motion of money of an extraordinary waste time actually. In getting fokelore inadvertently ascetic, make pills of immortality, medicine learns the inheritance of a Ge Hong, ge Dongxu of the person in honest hill begins hard to make money. When most person still is reading high school, he has begun to read to make money at the same time at the same time for cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine of make pills of immortality. Read an university to still be in when most person when be anxious to pay the girlfriend's expense, he has been a boss. When most person university graduation is in send resume everywhere to apply for a job, when rich 2 generation are opening racing bike, when be shown off before the belle, he has been a super rich generation, still be of course big faint at city to honour cure emperor. This book Qq book is friendly group one: 227150140 (by city cure of clinking celestial being group turn into, full already. ) this book Qq book is friendly group 2: 601021709 (new group)

  • 我的邻居是女妖


      王焱同志:在2015年度“華東地區超能者違紀三項全面整治”、“熱火朝天大幹一百天再爭輝煌”、“孤寡女妖送溫暖”、“人妖和平共處知識全面普及”等專項工作中,表現優異,成績突出。 Comrade Wang Yan: In 2015 year " the area exceeds Huadongde can person violate discipline 3 comprehensive punish " , " in full swing works energetically contend for 100 days again brilliant " , " succubus of orphans and widows sends warmth " , " peaceful coexistence knowledge popularizes person bewitching in the round " in waiting for special job, performance is superior, achievement is outstanding. Have the honor to win ' advanced individual ' title, send this form especially, as a way of is encouraged. - - the country is not king of substation of bureau Hua Dong Mr Yan: Be in in view of Your Exllency blow " cross a country to exceed can person evil organization " , and dimension is certain " succubus international Chinese redbud spends alliance " in waiting for incident, produced active and main effect, maintained world peace. Showed adequately worldwide inside, the government exceeds can person execute the law jointly systematic advantage and necessity. Award Your Exllency especially " the world 10 big outstanding favorable balance of trade can person youth " honorary title, send this form especially, as a way of is encouraged. - - government of each old economy system exceeds the world can person organize federation   (leading role disposition is active, find pleasure to help others, be full of energy. The character is fresh and vivid, gut designs carefree dripping wet, labyrinthian change was astonished even article him author! Good book! )  

  • 通天仙路


      風雪交加,霜寒刺骨,一個老工匠從街上收養瞭一個快被凍死的孩子。 Wind snow accompanies each other, frost is cold biting, an old craftsman adopted from the street fast the child that is frozen to death. Get ammunition, forge enginery, a suit masterstroke, bring so that all directions begs. Review fierce, protect a country, fist heaven and earth, the foot treads path of celestial being of exceeding lofty or great! " road of celestial being of exceeding lofty or great " the book is friendly group: 511418664 " road of celestial being of exceeding lofty or great " order completely group, group number: 308770231

  • 贞观大闲人


      大唐貞觀,天下靖平,山河壯麗,獨鐘李氏。 Big Tang Zhen is watched, the world pacify is smooth, the land of country is proud, alone Zhong Li. Li Jing north attacks Tujue, too Zongdong asks for Gao Li, of Bing Feng fill, power take the whole word. Wait for from the beginning, reforming old the land of country. Before hero picture, li Yuan is dialed play the lute alone disappointed, on approach smoke pavilion, li Shimin fuddle one's cap is elegant dance spring breeze. On Chinese history the most gallant, the most boundless, most in the time of high-spirited and vigorous, outside Chang'an ancient capital, the boy man of humble unlined upper garment of a thick garment looks at setting sun the emperor city in Yu Hui, showed smile...

  • 限制级巨星


      我胖? Am I fat? I am wretched still. Avaricious? My strike back is black. This is fatso of a wretched taking a system to enter the old practice that swings football. Limitative class subscribes to group: 554175932   kickball helps: 608815778 (into group need to be ordered completely)

  • 重生日本当厨神


      作死發下大宏願,寧願吃料理到撐死的夏羽,來到一個令他完全陌生的食戟之靈世界。 Look for trouble send next old noble ambition, aux would rather eat arrange to arrive the Xia Yu that maintains dead, the feeds halberd clever world that will to make him completely unfamiliar. What, hutch god nurturance? "What you should satisfy is the appetite of normal mankind not just, still have various evil spirit, 100 ghost night goes, with food penitentiary they! " of cruel of old fogey cruel say so to him. Then, xia Yu runs quickly madly on hutch spirit way not to cease. -- -- --     " the spirit that feeds halberd " in spreading out. The book is friendly group 1: 567189218.

  • 超级卡牌系统


      一不小心穿越到瞭海賊王的世界,腫麼辦? Passed through not carefully the world of sea thief king, swollen do? Taking super illusion to block card system fortunately, can draw-out all sorts of illusion characters. Hei Longbo is solid to magma fruit, 8 childish female laws of pair of person bewitching fist...     (do not know to be what, write brief introduction to had felt faint every time... )

  • 我在末世有套房


      核戰之後的末世,到處都是一片狼藉。 The last phase of an age after nuclear battle, it is one ins disorder everywhere. If you did not take care to live to come down, so next you the fear that must face hunger and disease, meet to night crazy funeral cadaver, what still those become because of radiation grotesque is heterogeneous. . . Be opposite however for Jiang Chen, here is heaven however. It is unattached a person of extraordinary powers everywhere curtilage, it is the car of a person of extraordinary powers of abandon everywhere, still have that gold of unmanned make inquires and black science and technology. . . What? Are you the manager of company of prewar XXX game? Is class of 3A of special responsible plan fictitious does true area network swim? Good come to an agreement or understanding says, work to me development hand swims, day firewood are two steamed breads enough? Is love mad 6? Ultrathin? See not, is the mobile phone of company of science and technology of person of my this future covered than covering thin still is your letter believed? Aircraft carrier? Opportunity for combat? Oh, those play meaning I also have, be flying aerospace nevertheless the sort of. . . And look have freedom to move back and forth the Jiang Chen of two worlds capacity, how to make an over or across disgraced the empire with last phase of an age. . . The book is friendly group: 482875504, reader of Vip of 518159612     group: 280098889 (need orders check scheme test and verify completely, illicit a little administrator and group advocate OK)

  • 寒门崛起


      這是一個就業路上屢被蹂躪的古漢語專業研究生,回到瞭明朝中葉,進入瞭山村一傢幼童身體後的故事。 This is road of an obtain employment go up repeatedly by the Gu Hanyu of devastate professional graduate student, returned Ming Dynasty middle period, entered village young child the story after the body. Woman of forceful of Mu Ne's father, the highest grade kin of one water, dispute of farmhouse small courtyard is not little. Fortunately, we has history of thousands of years to accumulate, article of eight -part essay of the five classics of the four Books (The Great Learning,The Doctrine of the Mean,The Analects of Confucius and Mencius) , professional also speak or sing alternately, whose character cold door goes out again hard expensive child. National power rises hang down arch and treat; Law and discipline is flabby, government-owned discipline languid comes loose; Have a few treacherous court official, also be troubled by bit of Japanese pirates; But can say on the whole, this is the fertile soil that scholar-bureaucrat freedom creates. The legend that a cold door rises abruptly also grew from here. Sincerely with this article to all passing through classical greeting. PS: Cold door rises abruptly the book is friendly group: 219, 803, 021; Cold door rises abruptly to subscribe to completely group: 254, 292, 459 welcomes everybody enters group of mutual communication. My small gain name: Zhu Lang just uses up small gain, welcome everybody and my communication communication.   

  • 天影


      陰陽分天地,五行定乾坤。 Yin and yang separates scope of activity, the five elements decides heaven and earth. Under the vault of heaven of years vicissitudes of life in earthy China, be the times with celestial being prosperous path, flourishing of millions upon millions the people. In freely ten million, act of the one act between total somebody joys and sorrows, performing in the celestial being path with extensive immortal great. Bright has dark, under the vault of heaven in brightness, still have silent sign sadly before wear all right... the line on   new book! Wonderful extremely! Ask each book friend great and poll support! Additional, everybody can add Zhuxianxiaoding of date of small letter public (vessel of desolate of kill celestial being) , QQ government group 176378308 undertake communicating.

  • 蛊真人


      人是萬物之靈,蠱是天地真精。 The person is the spirit of everythings on earth, a legendary venomous insect is true essence of life of heaven and earth. A person that pass through is ceaseless the story of renascence. One raises a legendary venomous insect, refine a legendary venomous insect, peculiar world that uses a legendary venomous insect. A legendary venomous insect of bug of bug of a legendary venomous insect of age cicada, moon, wine, stretch golden light, black hair, hope a legendary venomous insect...   is male Shan Mandao is like iron really, take a step to be jumped over from the beginning nowadays. Danger with respect to essence of a suit heaven and earth, my heart looks at blue sky as before!

  • 重生之最强剑神


      重頭再來,為瞭掌控命運,再次進入瞭這款“活著的遊戲”。 Heavy head comes again, control a destiny for the palm, entered this again " living game " . This, he won't be made in place getting a person. As king of 200 class sword, he should climb this generation to more height. Game profitable skill! Game carbon strategy! Game legend task! Game holds equipment source! Skill of battle of player place insensible! Seal the person that measure not to know a secret repeatedly, know completely. 100 countries big fight, life is entered rank, step carried, summit of sword approach summit, begin the legend of god of a paragraph of supreme sword. PS: If like, click please collect.

  • 名侦探世界里的巫师


      一個末法時代的鬼巫師車禍被撞死,靈魂穿越,發現自己來瞭日本,附體在瞭一個日本人的身上。 The ghost koradji traffic accident of times of an end law is bumped into dead, the soul passes through, him discovery came to Japan, appendages was in on the body of a Japanese. Wanting to want to be entered in Japan give a variety to come, result conveniently took a newspaper to be swept --   labour cane is new one, the blessing Er that Japan makes the same score grown generation rub this, constabulary Immanuel? Lie groove, in the world that how father wears 2 dimension? Hum, altogether, this is a koradji the story of armour of appropriative in Ke Na world passerby...     PS: Author bacterium has this work additionally " refine ghost repairs celestial being " 6.53 million word, " miscreant ghost honour " 3.65 million word, " my mechanical octopus " 2.18 million word. The friends with dull at a loose end, can go looking. Good, still have " the final person that repair celestial being " , this book is sealed in, disregard so...   group date: 512240405~

  • 天唐锦绣


      穿越是一件很有意思的事兒,但是當房俊穿越到那位渾身冒著綠油油光芒的唐朝同名前輩身上,就感覺生活全都不好瞭…… Passing through is a very interesting thing, but pass through when Fang Jun that is being risked all over shiny green the Tang Chao of the ray is homonymic on elder body, feel life all is bad...

  • 天启之门


      【NPC蹂躪玩傢! [NPC devastate player! Condole hits the person that pass through! ]   I make my world advocate! Where be turn for you are these fetch weak come act as a tyrant? ! Walk up [history on the strongest Immanuel] road, was destined to be full of stimulation! ...   Chen Xiaolian: Begin from today, a tenet held water to resist the resistance with those weak fetch is organized! Our group name cries... funny force allied! Team member: Captain, this name, I am afraid of say to be able to be hit ah...     ...

  • 三国之召唤猛将


      關公戰秦瓊,我看行! Close fair Zhan Qinqiong, I look row! The differentiate of Han Shaodi Liu that passes through to be abandoned, began course of hard the Three Kingdoms. Do not have domain to do not have military forces to do not have a talent, have what concern again, I have super call system, the history will hold the post of my assign suddenly! Do not carry tiger prison to close Lv Bu of 3 flower battle to me, I give you call king of fierce grieve day + Li Cunxiao + the super combination of Li Yuan bully, whether one battle? You should send 5 tigers air chief marshal, 5 child fine will come together, the sovereign puts a big move, call grandson the monkey divides minute of bell to become broken bits to your second! What, mythological character cannot call? Then you are waiting to me, labour and capital sees a manual how be written first...   chiliad hero, shi Shangmeng will, assemble, contend for sharp edge battlefield, regard the world who is a hero? Into king defeat bandit, crack earth to seal Hou, strong medium strong, wang Zhongzhi king, all be in the call of the the Three Kingdoms is fierce will!

  • 最强装逼打脸系统


      【2017火爆熱書】  “年輕人,當年我開始裝逼的時候,你們還隻是一滴液體! [book of 2017 hot heat]     " youth, in those days I begin to install when forcing, you still are a liquid only! "     " faery, along with falling, assure to take your outfit to force take you to fly, take you one case hey hey! "   body wraps around mad apprentice armor, pickaback day phlogistic cape. The blade with endless left hand, sword of god of celestial being of right hand kill. Sweep anything away repairs celestial being bound not to have adversary, who to ask to still have? Outfit be like,force wind, often accompany my bodies! Long way is boundless, outfit force photograph companion! Xu lacks the way that set foot on an outfit to force, not be to be being installed everyday force, be being installed namely! [the book is friendly group] : 575088701

  • 逍遥小书生


      21世紀工科男,穿越古代成為一名窮書生。 21 centuries engineering course male, pass through ancient time becomes a poor student. There is a library unexpectedly inside cerebrum, all sorts of knowledge have everything that one expects to find! This all one's life does not say to seal Hou Bai photograph, how proper also does the magnifico play play? The rising sun that rises at the beginning of prep against, li Yi sends next great aspirations, stepped the first pace that is in this world bravely. "Stop! " over old horse of   tall head, one peerlessly beautiful woman wears strong outfit, fine fine look up and down one time, brandish of element handle gently: "Bound! " the atrocious cateran behind   rushs up in a crowd...   bridal chamber spends candle night, look at the peerlessly beautiful woman that promotes the door to come in... Li Yi's great aspirations produced little change. Government-owned house is tasted, what to calculate? Seal Hou Bai photograph, be uninteresting! But I want to become cateran king------man! The book is friendly group: 201688857, welcome everybody to add group! (additional: This book is used easily, do not truer! )

  • 重生之财源滚滚


      當重生成為一種潮流,李東也幸運地趕上瞭重生的馬車。 Make a kind of trend when renascence, li Dong caught up with the carriage of renascence fortunately. All one's life regrets on too much, this all one's life and let him be made up for one by one! See nobody regain 2004, kiss love affection double bumper harvest, get rich becomes rich neither by accident! (reader group: 250605308, book group of order completely: 572213998 need test and verify)

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