• 校花的贴身高手


      傳奇殺手回歸都市,奉旨泡妞保護校花! Legend killer returns to city, girl of the bubble that give purpose protects school flower! I am the close-fitting ace with beautiful school, you had better leave me a bit further, otherwise size elder sister wants jealous again! [piscine darling book is friendly 1 group 333702438 (full already) , piscine darling book is friendly 2 groups 417723151]

  • 超级怪兽工厂


      我叫葉青,幸運獲得瞭一款叫【怪獸工廠】的應用。 I call Xie Qing, lucky obtained to cry [strange animal factory] application. This helps the strange animal with boundless muscularity, work to come to can carry 100 on the head, still take all sorts of skill. Efficiency? Machine speed + 300% skill, do you compare efficiency with me? Precision? Cough cough ~ takes me the vernier calipers of legend character then, let him see what knowledge and experience knows to make very precision. Xie Qing ana: The man wants to drag, purse beat rises. Blame animal ana: Must not play ill will of person of the same trade to compete with us, machinery produces the interest that is us only, fist and Achillean body, just be the capital that we mix a society. 20 meters tall, the pretty barren gigantic spirit that muscle Qiu writtens guarantee, hold the cut plane of legend character, shake day howls: "Father is not to be aimed at some home manufacturing industry, say those who be present is all however, it is rubbish. "     [strange animal factory group: 20417916] [strange animal Great Master group: 18493657 (need complete subscription sends graph test and verify) ]

  • 修真四万年


      “倘若這宇宙,真是一片殘酷血腥的黑暗森林,我們修真者,也會燃燒自己的生命,綻放出微弱的火花! "If this universe, it is a brutal and bloody dark forest really, we are repaired true person, also can burn oneself life, blossom a faint scintilla! "     " even if this scintilla is again faint, again brief, again insignificant, but want us only in a steady stream is constant, advance wave upon wave, have a day eventually, scintilla can ignite fireweed, meeting burn reachs weed bush, bush can spread to be cultivated greatly! "     " final, little spark, can be in this dark forest, start fire of day of set the prairie ablaze, enlighten whole world! "   *****************   repairs   to took the place of 40000 really, an everyday border land teenager, blusterous stars, the hot-blooded legend of dictate the Milky Way!    -------------Already had two groups: Old ox parlor 202330158 (2000 people swarm, leave a seat vacant for sb! ) parlor of   old ox 2 groups of 386336065  

  • 五行天


      萬界融合,靈力消散,歷經百萬年的修真世界轟然崩塌,蠻荒大舉入侵,五行天成為修真者最後的防線。 10 thousand bounds are shirt-sleeve, effective power is abreaction, all previous classics 1000000 repair true world to collapse with a loud crash, pretty barren inbreaks in a large-scale, day of the five elements is become long true person last defense line. After chiliad, come from the low-down teenager of old territory, the body with coolie, thorough pretty barren 3 years, abnormality gains the opportunity that enters day of the five elements to take advanced courses. Longing masters a destiny and of one mind courts the girl that becomes strong, bringing theroid battle instinct, raise a luxuriant storm. Q of ##########   new book group date 237931286, the welcome is joined any problems also can add small signal Xiaofangfang1985, wait for you to come

  • 儒道至圣


      這是一個讀書人掌握天地之力的世界。 This is the world of the force of heaven and earth of a scholar control. Literary talent is in personally, poem but fight the enemy, the word can destroy army, the article installs the world. The scholar carries a pen, be an armchair strategist; Fight the enemy of a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties, have an outstanding eloquence; A successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations one anger, cross verbal swords. Sage your arrival, condemn both in speech and writing, can put to death person, can sentence the emperor to be not had, with one enemy state. Right now, holy courtyard is controlled civil, monarch control officer, 10 countries conflicting, tiger of pretty a group of things with common features is inspected, group bewitching stages an armed rebellion. Right now, go in for sth in a large scale without Tang poetry, without at the height of power and splendour of word of the Song Dynasty, without innovation article, hundred years without new emperor. The cold door children of an unknown to public, after be bungled to break a head, word of poem of nip be handed down from ancient times, article of book Jing emperor, set foot on the road of sacrosanctity. Acknowledgment reads group of article government book review to offer book review to support!

  • 唐朝好地主


      張超穿越武德四年,來到長安郊外灞上,成為瞭老府兵之子,但他卻隻想做個悠閑的大唐好地主! Zhang Chao passes through Wu Desi year, come to Chang'an outskirts Ba, became soldier of old your home child, but he wants to do a host of carefree big Tang Hao only however! Reader group: 656118488     (have the honor to win 2016 stars to achieve award history outstanding award work! )  

  • 掠天记


      有人說他是修行界裡的一粒老鼠屎,壞瞭禮義廉恥,亂瞭道門秩序! Someone says he is the excrement of a mice in bound of cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, bad ceremony justice sense of honor, random path door order! Someone says he is the scum of a community with the biggest city of Na Zhan ministry, collude demon, hole cheats abduct, commit all manners of crimes! Also someone says he is the most dangerous deflowering pilfer, value oneself female apprentice please, encounter square travel by accident lifelong! To all defile, square travel says: "Right, I am the mice excrement in that fokelore, is there a problem? "     [sweep past a day to write down always group: 193466328] date of public of small letter of old spirit of   black hill: Heishanlaogui99

  • 异世界的美食家


      在武者舉手可裂山川,甩腿可斷長河的玄幻世界中,存在著這樣一傢小餐館。 In fierce person raise one's hand can crack mountains and rivers-land, in swinging a leg to be able to break the black unreal world of endless flow, existing a such chophouse. Chophouse is not big, but the ground that is scramble for sth of countless top overmatch however. Over you can taste savor to use the egg that phoenix egg and dragon blood rice fry to fry a meal. Over you can drink the spring of life to match Zhu Guo to brew the firewater that make. Over you can eat 9 rank deserve to go up to honour animal flesh black peppery barbecue. What do you think to come home chef capture? Impossible, because there is an animal of 10 rank gods of guard the entrance at the door cafeteria, tartarean dog. Oh, it is OK that that chef still has single hand is held dead 9 article assistant of imperial iron a knot in one's heart and a flock of was conquered mad wife of the stomach. This book discusses group a flock of: 550248234 (full already)   welcomes everybody to join 2 groups: 208206733

  • 赘婿


      一個受夠瞭勾心鬥角、生死打拼的金融界巨頭回到瞭古代,進入一商賈之傢最沒地位的贅婿身體後的休閑故事。 One suffers enough intrigue against each other, life and death hit the financial tycoon that go all out to return ancient time, the home that enters one merchant does not have the recreational story after body of son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife's parents most. Domestic state the world thing, he what already was about to touch originally, how can have avoided again however. "Somebody ever stood in pyramid high point is the cheapest incomputable envy had walked along this Duan Moren to cluster round with Xian Yan the death that the road does not escape to cross gravestone to issue that loneliness " -- Finale " the life hangs a gleam of "     PS: Go to live in the household of one's in-laws on getting married (Zhui falling tone) husband, encumbrance of marry into and live with wife's family, blame (Ao rising tone) husband. PS2: The article belongs to TVB recreational drama, CCTV of and rather than drama, everything has the place of experience with the history it seems that, do not want to take seriously please.

  • 完美人生


      李謙重生瞭。 Li Qian renascence. Another is spatio-temporal 1995. Here, he scores a success more easily than Everyman of course. But what is the success? Money? Or, fame? Position? Honorable? It is, but not be completely. Those who had that eye is shallow laugh, the instant that pulls a hand then is warm, the light system that enters a bosom then is popular; This life, just say so that finish the United States. [order completely group] : 74640518 [common group] : 450609038     [date of small letter public] : Dao Yigeng

  • 神话版三国


      陳曦看著將一塊數百斤巨石撇出去的士卒,無語望蒼天,這真的是東漢末年? Chen Xi is looked at will together hundreds jins of megalith casts aside the privates that go out, without language look at blue sky, is this last years of a dynasty or reign of the Eastern Han Dynasty really? Lv Bu single-handed authentic wears army of 10 thousand people, how do this look unscientific. Appendages of fetch of Zhao Zilong open-armed dragon, one sword breaks hill, is this a person really? Allusion Wei single person is protecting Cao Cao to kill an enemy battalion, conveniently slaughtered the thousands of pace opposite side to ride, this fighting capacity explodes was expressed! This where is something wrong, old sunlight conveniently touched wave of fan of a goose feather, fierce wind blows hard, sighed at a heat, "This is mythological, myself is abnormal. "     Ps: Actually this is a serious farm article...     QQ group: 95010223   order QQ completely group: 375380021

  • 最强反派系统


      什麼是反派? What is villain in drama? It is boxing bend the world, freely generation, still be 10 thousand people all enemy, churn wind and cloud? Renascence generation, system of great villain in drama adds a body, su Xin can obtain preexistence knight-errant methods of all result of character of villain in drama are mixed among the world fierce ability. Preexistence suffers die in one's shoes, this him generation wants to do, be about to do that most the firm, strongest big negative character! Person all character I am evil, that I fierce and cruel after all! Person all character my evil, that I demon blaze is monstrous! "Be an upright person should keep promise. Say to kill your family, kill your family. I call Su Xin, I am faithful. " common group: 486217939 VIP group: 63751643 enter vermicelli made from bean starch of group of test and verify to be worth (3000 above, go in cut of value of baking powder silk pursues) ask everybody to pay close attention to small letter platform, zhang date Fengqiyue321, small letter name is: Seal in July

  • 重生之最强人生


      一次跑步鍛煉,殷俊從迷霧中穿出來時,已經回到瞭78年的香江。 Ran takes exercise, yan Jun is worn from inside dense fog when coming out, had returned sweet river of 78 years. This year, the put together that has not occupied screen by force art program, big without familiar specially good effect, also do not have familiar to the ear can the song of detailed. This year, sweet river teleplay still goes out without good fun frequency, sweet river film also alls over complete Asia without fire, sweet river song also does not have fashionable inland. This year, classical had not become feelings, flourishing also do not have withered. This year, hero have not late evening, beauty never hoary head. Green no longer, feelings often stays. Sincerely with this article, recall this time that we once had liked deeply. Sincerely with this article, commemorate us once those scallion years. -- -- -- -- -- --   already had this 10 thousand order high-quality goods novel " fond dream times " , 820 much words, wonderful confused is shown. Those who like is OK go looking, there is direct car below.

  • 白袍总管


      身懷佛傢神通,進入國公府成為雜役,江湖之中,廟堂之上,兒女情長,英雄壯歌。 Conceive Buddhist magic power personally, enter national general seat of government to become factotum, in all corners of the country, over temple hall, children condition is chief, heroic Zhuang Ge. VIP group: 129395774, order completely can enter.   

  • 带着仓库到大明


      方醒穿瞭,帶著兩個倉庫穿瞭! Fang Xing was worn, taking two storehouse to wear! Others wears the energy of life that leading king bully the more, fang Xing is to consider farm only however! "I want to be in only this times is carefree living! "   sits embrace charming wife beautiful concubine, teach a few child incidentally, let their upgrade climb hard, good become to oneself backer! But who misses child some do not rely on chart, it is unexpectedly. . . . . . Order QQ completely group: Get together treasure mountain 1000 place 540705836, the welcome subscribes to the book friend of this book is entered.

  • 天醒之路


      沖、鳴、氣、樞、力、精、英。 Strong, cry, gas, center, force, essence, flower. The force of soul! Feel 7 spirit, bring up countless overmatch. However, in an ordinary institute, the teenager is faced with however by ejective crisis...

  • 美国之大牧场主


      重生八十年代美國華人富豪傢族,天生就有親和動植物的能力。 Renascence plute of Chinese of 80 time United States is familial, have inherently kiss and use floral capacity. Brown bear takes Kediyake carefreely below eave, dragon cat is being chased after by exotic bobtail cat run. Snow mountain is mirrorred in azure blue sky, gentle breeze has blown a prairie, face of collect tower lake swings a billows, the lavender cropland of stretch to the horizon sways along with wind. In white birch forest, australia confuses head of your ass smell, the boy lies below grape trellis, those who sleep is very sweet. Industry of movie of door of Buck of Sos group, star, emperor, free power, science and technology of investment of Pikesi, snow mountain, Hope. . . . . . Take you to play reincarnation group business to encircle, see global beautiful scenery. I am announce of American squire Han. Ps: The book is friendly Quan Dingqun of group of 498076359   559751973  

  • 史上最强师兄


      燕趙歌第一次穿越,穿到瞭武道文明繁盛至極的異世界,一頭撞進包羅萬象,遍收天下經典的神宮藏書樓裡,但隨後便是一場天地大劫,連神宮也破滅瞭。 Yan Zhaoge passes through for the first time, wore fierce path civilization is prosperous to extremely different world, bump into directly all-embracing, receive the divine palace with classical the world to collect books in the building, but it is big disaster of a world subsequently, the Gong Ye that connect a god is undone. Pass through the 2nd times unexpectedly next, the soul came same a world, do not know the era after much teenager. People disentombs bear the weight of undone later the bequeath of remaining, the fierce path civilization here starts afresh, still be in the hair exhibition period of new generation. Installed the Yan Zhaoge of jewel of book of secret of palace of one mind spirit, pass through 2 times current period, play be used to like same individual simply after Tartarean mode, be lost suddenly to play simple die style. Want scarcely too bright! It is nevertheless before this, he should solve a problem first. "Am I leading role? Contend for senior fellow apprentice of Gao Fushuai of villain in drama with leading role however? "     " this play is incorrect! "     PS: Already 4.6 million word is over a high-quality goods old book " history the first the founder of a school of learning as form of a address for an official or rich man " , welcome everybody to collect fatten this book while walk read.

  • 申公豹传承


        本書VIP書群:476527737。 This book VIP book group: 476527737. Yu Duxiu gains this book leading role should calamity disaster highway and unripe Shen Gongbao inheritance, be in again next accidentally shirt-sleeve difficult source of a Zhu Tianjie, had in control of, leave the power that uses big disaster, it is difficult to bring disaster for all living creatures, can have the aid of robs greatly, the Xiu Lian that will accelerate oneself fast, and see this book leading role how calamity of in control of strategics point, get peanut. "I plant below one, grew fructification eventually, today is a great day " Yu Duxiu is in Shan Dian Gao Ge, plant nevertheless those who fall is not common kind, be not is grass of clever root celestial being, rob greatly however kind, kind grew a boundless to measure disaster. "I plant below one to rob greatly kind, need the day that matures to fructification, it is Zhu Tian when big disaster comes, also be the day that deficient " Yu Duxiu ana. "I was destined is opposite character, opposite character is not to give a person to bring disaster, damage all living creatures? " Yu Duxiu from tongue way. Look at stand high above the masses religion ancestor, yu Duxiu complexion is majestic path: "Path friend asks don't bother to see me out " .   

  • 暴风法神


      這是一個穿越到艾澤拉斯世界的小青年,為瞭愛與正義(不要變成食屍鬼),不畏犧牲(可以跑屍體復活),為瞭尋覓失落的正義與人性(節操),不停掉節操撿回節操的故事。 This is one passes through Aizelasi the young young person of the world, for love and justice (do not become ghoul) , not Wei sacrifices (can run the body is renascent) , the justice for look for lose and human nature (moral integrity) , drop moral integrity ceaselessly to collect the story that answers moral integrity. Oneself plan have 2.75 million word " umbra god " , " abyssal deicide " , " the gun of Xiang Yu the Conqueror " , " scud star annals " wait to be over nearly 10 sets this work, the old ability to write that piles up a word 13 years, confidence assures.

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