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  • 佣兵的战争


      高揚是一個軍迷,一個很普通的軍迷,愛刀,愛槍,愛冒險。 Soar is army fan, one very common army fan, love a knife, love a gun, love risk. Accident, soar ran Africa, result misfortune encountered aviation accident, earn a living by good luck, can mix a meal to eat below muzzle only from now on however, because he became an employ soldier. One army fan, what kind of height can you reach in international mercenary bound? Ask wait and see what happens.   

  • 抗日之特战兵王


      徐銳,共和國有史以來的超級兵王,又在某軍事學院指揮系深造瞭三年,在一次對抗演習中意外穿越到瞭1937年的淞滬戰場。 Xu Rui, the super arms king of republican throughout history, directed a department to take advanced courses 3 years in institute of some military affairs again, passed through accidentally in antagonism maneuver the Song Shanghai battlefield 1937. Right now, song Shanghai encounter has neared end, chinese army is already comprehensive be defeated. And how is acute seeing Xu depended on exceed strong martial accomplishment and the direct attainment that surmount this times, resisting the make vigorous efforts to turn the tide on day battlefield, became the does not go nightmare of Japanese army brandish finally. Yes, this is a real battle kind bright article.

  • 抗战之中国远征军


      歷史沒有如果。 If,the history is done not have. But if if,the history has... if Chinese first time is expeditionary,did not fail, what will that produce? Island of Burmese, midway, melon amounts to Er to block accept Er island, sulfureous island, Okinawa island... Shidiwei says   : "Boys, my general is taking you to hit Tokyo all the way! My general is taking you to hit Tokyo all the way!!

  • 复活之战斗在第三帝国


      一個中國留學生因為一起奇怪的飛行事故在歐洲喪身,也因為那件事故使他接下瞭一個奇怪的任務.復活的他被卷入瞭二戰的硝煙之中.這裡講述的就是他如何為瞭生存和理想在那個世界戰鬥的故事  公佈作者QQ,52083814.  公告,書友建立復活六群。 Student studying abroad of a China because a strange flight accident is in Europe funeral body, also make because of that accident he accepts the job with issued strange. He renascent by be involved in in the smoke of gunpowder of World War II. What tell about here is him the story that how is that world to fight with ideal to live announces author QQ, 52083814. Announcement, book friend is built renascent 6 groups. Group date 58237155, group renown: Heart is tired this dogface institute. The friend that wants to join group of groups to discuss is joined please.

  • 中国猎人


      【槍團榮譽出品】  代號107! [gun round honor manufactures]   code name 107! The position of defend army elder brother! Subject culture propaganda team, but marksmanship is top-ranking, homicide is incendiary all is perfectness, we have another name -- hunter commando! Arrive from batman army in the youngest general, arrive from over or across of special type army in sky assault armed forces, li Mu is stepping the current head that new period military affairs changes, made Chinese soldier precision with 5.8 millimeter bullet! Battalion of gun round hunter (the 2nd battalion) place where troops are stationed: 217848533

  • 超凡兵王


      【超燃爽文】他身傢億萬,出身不凡,卻甘為一名普通軍人,為國流血。 [transcend language burning bright] his body home millions upon millions, one's previous experience is uncommon, however pleasant is an average soldier, bleed for the country. His freely borders area, dragon of bright sword concealed, the achievement in a heil of bullets is transcendental, renown shake world. In city, he is low-key and composed, always offend lovesickness. In battlefield, his manoeuvre among various political groupings, invincible.   

  • 交锋


      在一般人眼中,他是平庸、無能、貪婪,甚至有些愚蠢的警察。 In average person eye, he is commonplace, incompetent, greedy, have some of foolish police even. Because of him, often act failure, divulged important information innocently for many times. But his make friends is extensive, be good at fawn on and secure personal gain, it is stratocracy tumbler. In day bogus eye, he is faithful, reliable. And in the eye in army all, he is a talent, also be a hero. Actually, he gets my party leader all the time, it is a sturdy revolutionary soldier, a crackajack ground conditions or feelings of the lower levels signs up for worker! In subterranean job, make vigorous efforts to turn the situation, stand left immortal meritorious service!

  • 最强炊事兵


      不管用什麼樣的食材都能做出美食,這才是好廚子! No matter use,feed material what kind ofly to be able to make cate, this ability is good cook! -- " cookbook system " QQ of   cooking arms group 66189641   are small believe group of 2 dimension to pile up in QQ group arms of album kitchen work is ordered completely group 555273557

  • 抗战之召唤猛将


      歐陽,本是大學歷史老師,誰知道一覺醒來,竟然離奇地穿越到瞭1937年抗戰前夕。 Europe this world, it is university history teacher originally, who knows shut-eye awakes, passed through mysteriously to refused prewar night 1937 actually. The system is in hand, call is fierce will, teleplay character, " bright sword " Li Yunlong, Chu Yunfei; " snow leopard " Zhou Wei country; " special type arms " light of Xiaozhuang, He Chen, Thor, come in the bowl. Europe this world, from young soldier of a the Eight Route Army, grow all the way the story of legend of the Eight Route Army. Fierce QQ group: 473983180, welcome aboard!

  • 战火来袭


      他凝視自己身上的傷疤,上面有彈痕、有刀砍。 He stares the scar on him body, there is bullet of shell hole above, the knife is chopped. Had gone to arrive from Africa in him middle east, arrive from southeast Asia hill of fight closely blood. Low head, chant of his light tone wears that to belong to his his song. Below M16 of flaming of flames of war, we do not need the scar that I stare myself the face that shows oneself, because that not important fight closely is my inborn fate, battlefield is my exclusive a home to return to is only beside the comrade-in-arms' , hearing the scream that bullet passes by, I just can feel I am living still and living, continued to the battle goes down or die, skeleton is discarded in barren mountain wild mountain I do not need to yearn for, also not was reluctant to leave so living, gone perhaps reader group: 274774047

  • 最强特种兵之龙刺


      軍隊中的老兵說,隻有進入龍隱部隊的人才能被稱為最強者;而當你滿懷興奮的踏進龍隱部隊大門的時候,你依然會被那裡的教官稱為“菜鳥”。 In army veteran say, the person ability that enters dragon concealed force only is called most overmatch; And be full of excitement when you when stepping into gate of dragon concealed army, you still can be called by the v/arc drillmaster over there " dish bird " . Because be over there, a kind of qualified personnel is only qualified be by address sb respectfully most overmatch, the sort of person is called -- " dragon is pricked " ! The road of overmatch, I wish to be soldier, although advancement is difficult, who can ever see I am regressive half pace!

  • 单兵为王


      【熱銷精品】戰旗不倒,沖鋒不止。 [high-quality goods of sell like hot cakes] battle banner does not fall, assault is more than. I defend a country not to danger with my blood, I am born with this protect the home to be battle -- Chan Bing is king! This is a dye-in-the-wood battle an official call to arms, this is a warm blood that belongs to a man alone army article. The dot opens it, you can establish engrave strong interest, along with my insanity -- civil piece 7 article, belong to high-quality goods surely!

  • 猎杀全球


      人如果不努力跟咸魚又有什麼區別! If the person does not try hard to have what distinction again with salty fish! Essence of life allows archer! Ace sharp-shooter! The person that hunt is killed! One pace summit of a summit! The palm accuses hunt to fight a system, become soldier of the most powerful hire hands, hunt kills the whole world! (" hunt kills the whole world " book friendly Q group: Vip of 121162553     orders completely group: 96651130)  

  • 军工霸业


      你聽過洛克?馬丁公司嗎? Had you listened to Lock? Equestrian fourth company? Had not listened, that has listened to F22 and battleplan of F35 concealed body certainly, "Time Si Dun " weapon system, right, it produces these. Had you listened to North - company of case Lu Men? It is Nimitz class " aircraft carrier, "Virginia class " nuclear-powered submarine, "Bumblebee class " the manufacturing business of amphibious assault ship. Had you heard current power company? Build a car, this is one part only, "Aibulamusi " tank, "Si Ruike " / LAV series annulus type panzer originates its factory. Said so much had you heard the ammunition company of our country? What? Northward * industry? Treasure benefit? Your its ignorant, they are too small, having a company that character of a legend establishs is us the weapon with the biggest country produces business, also be the world at the same time the biggest weapon produces business, in its product, arrive to the sky from land aerospace, arrive from offing deep foreign have everything that one expects to find, its sneeze, can a few countries hit a shiver. What? What does it call the name? Listen to me to come together please, this is returned from speak of more than 30 years ago. (found an army 88 years for souvenir, the victory that fight day 70 years of new books are released)

  • 刺杀全世界


      你以為身邊的世界很安全? Do you think the world beside is very safe? Not foolish! On the world most the oldest profession never flat. Foot of firearms, cutting tool, rope, drug, fist, still have of course without the shadow aeriform accident and psychology are held accuse, the method that can make the person gets killed is really endless...   comes, come this sees Hou Rui is how to turn into from simple good people dark, make the process of dark overmatch step by step! Update time everyday: One more 12: 00, 2 more 18: 00, not less than 6000 words, ask everybody to supervise. 302593913 it is a reader group, also very welcome everybody to chat dozen of fart. The key hints, the 4th chapter compares VIP dark and atrocious, the friend that does not like can jump to the 5th chapter to watch directly.

  • 抗日之川军血歌


      一個在機緣巧合之下回到那烽火連天的戰爭時代的新時代的軍人,他竭盡全力的想要避免卷入這場結局早已註定的戰爭,他竭力的想要去改變那些屈辱的歷史,但最終他發現,原來歷史,真的很難為個人而改變。 One is under good luck coincidence the soldier of the new era that returns that war-ridden war times, he goes all lengths want to avoid be involved in the war that this ending is destined already, the wants to change those abasement history that he does his utmost, but final he discovers, original history, true be a hard job to an individual and change. So, take a gun, go fighting! Take bolo, the past is chopped on the head that sides with devil! The blood that uses the enemy will to this times prove, he has existed really, had come back really...   commemorates with this those are in the War of Resistance Against Japan fight closely of for the very little earth of the motherland bathed in blood, the soldiers that absolutely refuse to to retreat rather, you, it is the back of our nation! QQ group date 460924259, welcome everybody to join

  • 一代战将


      穿越抗日,棒打侵略者。 Pass through fight day, v&n bastinado aggressor. Make my China, although far put to death surely. (blame history, the person that at one's leisure is loosened can enter the mouth, sprayer asks bypass. ) the book is friendly group: 515873806 [the person that the motherland will select those to be loyal to the motherland eventually, the motherland will remember those people of consecratory Yu Zuguo eventually. Revolutionary martyr immortal! ]

  • 铁甲轰鸣


      這是什麼? What is this? A system that can you upgrade? Why can you do not have a manual? Do oneself fumble? Do you play me? One got the youth of a martial system that can upgrade, how should the route go after? (like command and conquer, in taking real world in order to compare logical way with respect to the thing in missing a game, come, was in former days dream)

  • 抗战之第十班


      李劍,上海灘李傢三少爺,因為尋找一個人來到瞭八路軍這邊,因為一枚炮彈,導致另一個李劍穿越到瞭他的身上。 Li Jian, shanghai beach Childe Li Jiasan, because search a person to come to the Eight Route Army here, because of an artillery shell, brought about another Li Jian to pass through on his body. How does the Li Jian that pass through also want not to understand, he this is how, can join the Eight Route Army only finally, still established the super unit with fierce illustrious name finally -- the 10th! The instant became the target that devil headaches, devil is hit later, grab equipment, solemning is a bandit! The last bandit is magisterial was born. The book is friendly group the welcome joins the 10th Ban Shuyou communication group, group number: 600982580

  • 特种兵之利刃


      【聯合推薦,必讀經典,曲折的劇情,熱血的故事,讓你欲罷不能! [recommend jointly, read surely classical, labyrinthian gut, hot-blooded story, let your cannot help doing sth! ] 0824 military affairses of     base, having the say special unit of shadow of an ancient name for China! National sharp, gules dragon tooth! The part that ability place spends, world scene changes, enemy be terror-stricken! Dragon tooth, once shine, do not see blood, oath does not turn round! We never easily bright the tooth that gives us, but if the strong opponent is encroached, dragon tooth goes out surely, oath will tear off all inbreaking enemy! This is an arms enters the old practice of 0824, this is a story that attributes hot-blooded manhood only!   

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