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  • 网游之有间黑店


      遊戲之中相處半年的情緣被三,遊戲號被輪……  西蘿的第一反應是,爬上小號,打開小店,報復大眾! The affection that half an year gets along in game predestined relationship by 3, game mark by annulus... the first reaction of   Xi Luo is, mount trumpet, open small store, revengeful masses! Good friend: Preach manages, girl, you this opinion is very critical! Xi Luo: Tell true, I most initial end, want to retaliate men and women of that pair of dogs only (innocent face)   good friend: ... ah!

  • 重生之大神是天后


      臺上是天後巨星,臺下是遊戲裡的傲嬌大神! Giant star of Queen of heaven is on the stage, game is below the stage in be proud charming great mind! Cheng Suyi holds law rod or staff used for a specific purpose, laugh aggressive, think nether world I? See elder sister how play incomplete you! Want to fight? Divide minute of beaten your suspicion life! Vermicelli made from bean starch group: 532015124   Valentine's Day, the new language of 0 a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of A " I am female eunuch " open hole formally, the welcome often considers guest rank newly to look around model all round the eunuch that gallinaceous flying dog jumps lives!   

  • 猎者天下


      世界上最幸福的事,就是做錯瞭,有後悔的機會。 The happiest thing on the world, be err, have compunctious opportunity. Once played her what game acts wilfully, renascence still has the hour of parental care to that, to take care of family, she made small profession player, be professional choice only is her familiar mankind rabbi no longer, however demon hunter, can she still become magical right hand? Some male: Actually, I am a god.

  • 外挂也疯狂


      坐瞭十年冤獄的遊戲總監…的情婦,水靈從全息網遊時代重生回到鍵盤時代。 Sat 10 years the game chief inspector of a miscarriage of justice... Moll, fresh and juicy from holographic the net swims times renascence returns clavier times. Face the girl period of poor, one as good as can 2 without the space 3 won't painting and calligraphy of musical instrument chess, one brain is only tall the fresh and juicy of knowledge of most advanced future, outside developing extremelying He Ren to be able to break the game of solution, hang, began to brush gold frenziedly to violate business. Player: "Clever spirit is signed, come to me again the play money of 1000rmb " does   clever spirit sign: ? ? of Γ of ? of Zhong Su of ? of round yellow Se changes   of ? of caving ? thoroughfaring Ci Ke " quail of nobeliun Gou dry up makes fun of body to be proud ? of Cui Xie ? changes leg of ニ of Wu of partridge of ? of sword of neptunium of caving ? ? to send two! ? of Xie of thin × Cui Is am sorry, now busy, reply a little while you...   man: ? Unplug Lian of fluid the first month does not cross summerly Lin excuse me! ? of Xie of thin × Cui... , I am sorry, now busy, reply a little while you. **********   wrapped Bao Zi to come again, new book " good pregnant of last phase of an age " , beg collect, demand attention, beg beg, all sorts of begging!   

  • 零级大神


      日子過的舒坦,遊戲玩的舒坦,男人用的舒坦,不升級依然叱吒風雲。 What the time passes is at ease, what game plays is at ease, what the man uses is at ease, do not upgrade still all-powerful. Favour? Do you say me can be 0 class bullied at will? Do not know 0 class just are the final shape of great mind, want dead to also need not seek this kind of means? Tone teachs all lodger, 0 class also become a spirit! -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --   new book " disease charming again, all tragedy in reality, in our visional character world, always can our idea comes to according to again, to incorrect ~~  

  • 网游之机械时代


      重生一世,北溪回到遊戲做起瞭萌萌噠的機械師小蘿莉。 Renascence generation, boreal brook returned game to make the Li of machinist young trailing plants of bud bud Da. Double gun heavy gun, animal of call of Li of person entity trailing plants, the gold of bully gas Jiatelin. . . One person overturns whole period. "What I want to reproduce machinist is brilliant. "   the times that this is machinery, also be your times. - - - - send all machinist players! PS: Beg all sorts of commendation ticket all sorts of collecting all sorts of hitting that grant all sorts of bills. . . .

  • 网游之菜鸟很疯狂


      紀小言莫名其妙混瞭一張N.P.C身份證明後,遊戲生活就不再一樣瞭。 Ji Xiaoyan is indescribable after mixing identification of a piece of N.P.C, game life is again not same. "Xiaoyan, will order highest grade equipment, look implement divine animal of what! " " Xiaoyan, go to N.P.C where contact conceals the task, it is so good that you concern! " " Xiaoyan, poor still injustice is worth not? Our group group brushs a player to go! " glare of   Ji Xiaoyan: Do you have gold coin? Foil of have a nightmare flows to be in from one face situation must the ground became inclined have never met before to: "Xiaoyan is me. "     " who will win is not certain still! " have never met before Wen Yan, draw mouth laugh line. Ji Xiaoyan silent, actually she thinks growl very much: You, you, you, you, you are me entirely. . . . . . . Just, reality and game, true can does agitate close? -- -- -- -- -- -- --   1 million built group: 210591787, convenient everybody looks for 1 million communication. . . . . The everybody that have fun at can want to be added.

  • 网游之剩女逆袭


      保潔公司高層唐安然先為渣男辭職,後被渣男拋棄,悲情變身為大齡剩女。 High-level the Tang Dynasty of the company that protect clean is broken bits male abdication first peacefully, hind by broken bits male abandon, pathos changes as big surplus female. But the day is not had absolutely the person's road, the game storehouse of 30 thousand became a value her award. What, obtain forging the inheritance of masterstroke? Place bright let me become unscrupulous merchant! Favored outfit billow comes, bullion gem is held in the arms be full of and fighter seeing remnant is in game how again war wind and cloud-a stormy or unstable situation, female counterattack of the remnant that finish, with assassin of handsome young man photograph loving each other is killed! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   wispy hole is tasted admirable, put palpitant hole please.

  • 网游之黑心奸商


      重度臉肓癥妹子,在遊戲之中擺起瞭小攤……  玩傢:妹子,來兩組中級金創藥。 Spend girl of disease of facial bing4 ru4 gao1huang1 again, small vendor's stand placed in game...   player: Girl, come two groups of intermediate gold achieve medicine. Girl: 20 gold coin. Player: Girl, we am old client, girl of   of favourable dot ~ raises a head, after staring at the other side to see 10 seconds, the head low: 20 gold coin. Player: ...     -- new book " net You Zhi has a black store " seek support --

  • 美食攻略


      什麼也無法阻擋,一個吃貨對美食的向往,正經的技能一個不擅長,歪門邪道的本領各種風光,一身廚藝引得眾行會哄搶,一顆玲瓏心,贏得腹黑好兒郎O(∩_∩)O~ Whats cannot be held back, one takes money to cate yearning, honest skill is not good at, the competence of crooked means all sorts of scene, a suit hutch art bring numerously guild is fooled grab, an exquisite heart, win an abdomen black good ∩ of _ of man O(∩ ) O~

  • 网游之奶妈也疯狂


      二十七歲的她,因生病遭遇未婚夫逃婚,回傢休養的時候,被發小拉進瞭新的全息遊戲《創世》。 Her 27 years old, because of falling ill experience fiance escapes marriage, come home when recuperating, be sent small pulled new holographic game " start a life " . Output: I can be hit most! Wet nurse: I also can be hit! Bandits: I can be assassinated. Wet nurse: I can bright kill. Soldier: I am MT. Wet nurse: Do not have me, your T P! Everybody...   actually, this is a woman encountered that individual in game, and involve the old practice of the hand. -- -- -- -- -- -- --   is relaxed the net swims love story, do not like click X of top right corner please, please not fling abuses.   

  • 我是巅峰BOSS


      一個優秀的BOSS,必須做到以下幾點:讓玩傢打得爽,讓玩傢爆得爽,讓玩傢玩得爽。 An outstanding BOSS, must accomplish the following: Let a player be hit bright, let a player explode bright, let a player play bright. Library library thinks however, an outstanding BOSS, should accomplishing is: Cruel player, again cruel player, cruel player arrives dead. BOSS reader group: 299276580 (welcome everybody to enter)

  • 网游之乌龙夫妻


      路人甲:喲! Passerby armour: Oh! Great mind, how a person, where is your home a form of address for one's wife? Great mind of approach penannular jade ring (╰ _ ╯) # : And help quicksand grab BOSS. Passerby second: Ah! Great mind, how another person, where is your home a form of address for one's wife? Great mind of approach penannular jade ring (╰ _ ╯) # : Grab silver with Qian Baijin. Passerby third: Hey! Great mind... well? Where is person? Aside: Grab a form of address for one's wife with BOSS, silver. Article of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of new book celestial being " demon dimple enchantings " , call support.   

  • 网游之暴走萝莉


      小怪:大王! Small strange: King! Again adventurer comes subterranean city brushs us. Boss: Do not have a thing, bird of that group of dish, even if came I also can make them completely dead go back. Small strange: King! Bad! It is cruel Li walking along trailing plants came! Boss: The home did not want, tantivy! Liu night is grasping double knife dagger to run into Boss room, those who feel puzzled turned circuit, how this Boss also be dead? This is about slummy younger sister paper, run to game to want to read know how to read, the result became the old practice of cruel Li walking along trailing plants not carefully. You Xiaobai arrives great mind, because,be after all report of her endowment different, be because she is enginery of a super world actually,still? Friendship clew: Have a meal the everybody that drinks water asked pharynx to go down to look again.   

  • 重生之绝色空间师


      她在最後的爭奪中獲取神格,卻帶著神之空間,穿越回10年前,《異界》還沒有開放的日子。 She gets godhood in final contention, taking magical space however, pass through before answering 10 years, " different bound " the day that has not opened. In former days hair is small had not sufferred persecute, in former days the friend has not become enemy, bear the destiny of 3 teenagers, resolutely devote into game, cruel broken bits male, draw near great mind! Originally oneself most capable call animal became big BOSS of villain in drama, she, criterion from 10 thousand people enemy hag became justice reincarnate, destiny, what kind of change will produce? [novel of game different bound, it is setting with macrocosm, tell the story that accuses the mankind uses clone body to probe different group! ]

  • 网游重生之毒奶神坑


      重生,拋切愛情,抱上大腿,不但是為瞭活著,更是為瞭復仇,  隻是為嘛大腿變瞭質? Renascence, cast cut love, hold in the arms on ham, not only it is for living, it is to avenge more, be just did ham change to pledge? Not be come to an agreement or understanding do a lover only, do not do wife? Why to fall in her unwitting circumstance, are they connected marriage writtened guarantee?

  • 女配大人觐见


      她本應是賢妻良母型的女主,卻生生的淪為瞭可憐倒黴的無辜女配,  重來一次後,錦憶決定在《亡靈世界》中,做一個殺人越貨無惡不作的高冷女配,人傢卻又要她當女主瞭...  錦憶:不,我還是當女配吧,這樣洗白瞭你們才夠爽。 She should be originally virtuous wife fine mother female advocate, what give birth to unripe fall to have bad luck to have pity on however is innocent female match, after coming again, bright and beautiful recall a decision to be in " the soul of a deceased person the world " in, do the Gao Leng daughter that a kill person and seize his goods commits all manners of crimes to match, the family wants her to become again however female advocate. . . Bright and beautiful recall: Not, I still am become female match, such washing white you ability enough bright. **********   wrapped Bao Zi to come again, new book " good pregnant of last phase of an age " , beg collect, demand attention, beg beg, all sorts of begging!

  • 网游重生之涅盘成凰


      一覺醒來,重生在三年前,依舊是宅女的個性依舊是同樣的遊戲,隻是這一次,寒小美不會再走錯路。 Shut-eye awakes, renascence is 3 years ago, it is as before curtilage female individual character is same game as before, it is this only, cold small beauty won't again go wrong. =========   new book " renascence different can female " attack of defect of ground of blaze of current of   metal plant? One fist comes loose. Does concealed body walk is the space mobile? Capture a neck to throw a dog to eat excrement. Does time still change the past? The forehead, if can be done arrive, send me to answer original place please. Which blamed let my renascence? Be captured by me you are waiting for firm base to sit wear. This is a different can old and well-known family does not have other originally can special alarm woman by palm different is weighed after renascence can, him change changes the story of familial destiny.

  • 第一法师


      公會混戰後,某男意氣風發的踩著屍體求婚。 After consortium battle royal, some of male high-spirited and vigorous stepping on a body to propose. The dim light of night: Marry you? By what! Some male: Chase after kill Philistine, overturn BOSS, along with pass follow. The dim light of night: I am OK sheet is carried. Some male: Highest grade equips, rare liquid medicine, allow to be carried by you. The dim light of night: Myself also has. Some male: Is calling me great mind? Marry in game a big look is good enjoy the cool. Within one's grasp of rod or staff used for a specific purpose of law of dim light of night: Hit first win me to say again! Some male tear flows: That is big god, married me...  

  • 网游之黎明王者


      末日“聖戰”才結束,女主便從勝利的殿堂來到不屬於她的平行空間。 Doomsday " holy battle " just end, female advocate the parallel space that do not belong to her from triumphal hall. What lift inside the parallel space after 200 years when had experienced last phase of an age likewise is a new man-made last phase of an age mad tide. However -- seek when conspiratorial collision this world, return finally be able to benefit sword behead breaks bramble. [the net swims the skin sheds core indefinitely]  

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