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  • 终极大神进化论


      “你必須去各個世界,扮演反派BOSS。 "You must go to each worlds, act BOSS of villain in drama. "     " look like end of BOSS of villain in drama not very is good ah... " Ming Xi sighs gently, "I feel my future will be very miserable. "     " forgot to say, every have the person that pass through, one of your tasks make a fight with them namely, avoid them to destroy the plot of a play. "     " advocate god, I should go on strike! " BY catchs mad Ming Xi . "Advocate the god is dead already, occupied as one pleases. "     " you cheat ghost, how is if you died, this deferent Bai Guang to return a responsibility? ... ah ah, advocate god, you convey me to cerebral damage again everywhere the world! " sound of   system clew: "Screen system is shut, li Suguang annulus of the gas aureola of bastard, Ma begins to produce effect! "     " advocate god, you avenge a person in the name of public interests! "   Ben Shuqun date: 117834325 (common group, full already)     68960735 (super group)

  • 魅影如斯(影评)


      暫無 Of short duration is not had

  • 红楼夜话


      一個是林傢仙姝,一個是再生兒郎,本無牽連的兩人卻成瞭相依為命的兄妹。 One is Lin Jiaxian Shu, one is second birth man, the two people that do not have embroil originally became the sibling that depend on each other however. Great cause of Home Gu Fu is big, but popular feeling measures hard: Gu of only force of Lin Zhai's person, however sibling be of one mind. Look be like flourishing age peace and tranquility, undercurrent of unpleasant attack by surprise is billowy, official circles intrigue against each other, in garden each other calculate. And see Lin Jiajun's pretty girl, how to guide a little sister to be on the journey that searchs happiness! ~~~~~~     " word of red building night " those who have oneself read group, number is 151800159. Little light, Luo Luo, balas is my drop administrator, everybody is occupied and OK look for new book of   of ~~~ of 3 belles drop " drive vermilion gates-red-lacquered doors of wealthy homes " fervent piece, beg everybody's caress, click, recommend, collect ah collect! Attacked everyday, the body is more healthy ~~~Y(^_^)Y

  • 万能老公种出来


      【本文NP+甜文+女主初次給瞭蘭皓齊,碼字不易,親們且看且珍惜】雷電交加的夜晚,蘇繡在開心莊園偷菜時被雷給砸中瞭,莊園商城裡神奇的多瞭個【老公種子商城】。 [article NP+ is sweet civil + female advocate the first time gave Lan Hao neat, code word is not easy, close people and look and cherish] the night that thunder accompanies each other, suzhou embroidery is in happy and manorial in when stealing food, be being given to be bungled by thunder, in manorial store magical much [husband seed store] . Evermore, mother also need not fear Suzhou embroidery is again curtilage remnant (curtilage female + remnant daughter) amount to a person, because want what kind of husband, sow next what kind of seeds. Tenderness of husband of the first orchid is considerate: You say whats are right. Abdomen of evil spirit of evil of husband of fox of the 2nd day is black: A embroider, be made an appointment with tonight? Slow-witted bud of husband of the 3rd merman is lovely: Coquettish fox goes away, must not stand by embroider of my home A, the meeting is tired bad her! Husband of the 4th data is indifferent: Who dare bully embroider of my home A, the second is killed. [original VIP group date: 168835623 (take vermicelli made from bean starch to be worth scheme of check of 2 1000 above to be able to enter) ==== general almanac is friendly group: 399189557 (husband of the either in signing up a book can be entered) ]

  • 红楼如玉君子


      京城誰不知林爵爺長子文采斐然、面若無瑕玉、舉止風雅,真當是那如玉君子。 Who does not know the capital forest if brilliant of literary grace of eldest son of father of the rank of nobility, face is immaculate jade, bearing is artistic, should be Na Ruyu gentleman really. Of the heart that everybody does not know this uncle actually howl: Why he wears the identity that come is that Cao has a few words only greatly, and return may you die without sons and the Lin Ruhai that dies early? The very lucky in misfortune is: When he has passed through to come, this pair of body still has 5 years old only, forest father of the rank of nobility has not died, the golden finger that still a chicken is aided -- white jade calabash. Some gentleman crooked manage one: Of horse of red building god, cloud drift, it is cloud drift. Some gentleman crooked manage 2: Do not want to make the steamed stuffed bun of sesame seed stuffing, not be good steamed stuffed bun. Some gentleman crooked manage 3: This times spells dad namely, spell the woman, times that spells a relation. Some gentleman crooked manage 4: Be an upright person should play the part of a pig, but the foundation that plays the part of a pig is can eat a tiger at any time, be a pig really otherwise. [PS: Already had this work, ask everybody to put palpitant hole in person. Additional: This book BG article]

  • 重生之叶小七


      小七死瞭,卻又活瞭,活回十年前。 Small 7 dead, lived again however, before answering 10 years alive. Small 7 changed, also did not change however, the position that there just has been that person in the heart. Small 7 love, did not get this love however. Small 7 do not want to love, but everybody does not agree to let off him. Wei Zheng, since you already let go, why be put bit more thoroughly? La Chen, my heart is not a bus, not be to have room you can sit. The departure of leaf, does the pursuit that is wind return be a tree to be not persuaded to stay?   

  • 艾若的红楼生活


      一朝穿越,誤闖幻境——  大觀園未建,曹雪芹著書未成,紅樓還沒有成型,作為命中註定“懷玉”之人,我是應該走出寧榮,活出自己的一片天地,還是應該留在這大宅門內,等待即將到來的命運? In one day passes through, enter dreamland by accident -- garden of   grand sight was not built, cao Xueqin writes a book to was not become, red building has not shaped, as fated " Huai Yu " person, I am to should walk out of Ning Rong, give oneself world alive, still should stay in this inside big gate of an old-style big house, await coming destiny? Know perfectly well edifice general bend, I am to be in a means of livilihood struggles in adversity, decadent in Ronghua still the advent that awaits death?   

  • 长大续集


      本文是電視劇《長大》的續寫,講述一批年輕醫者一直前行不斷成長的故事,他們體諒親情,追求愛情,延續友情。 The article is teleplay " grown " add is written, the person that tell about a batch of young doctor all the time before the story that grows ceaselessly all right, they make allowances for close affection, go after love, continuance friendship.

  • 穿越贾母乱红楼


      當一個同情賈赦,喜愛林妹妹的人變成瞭賈母,會發生什麼呢 Sympathize with when merchant condone, the person that likes Lin Meimei became merchant mother, what can produce

  • 本凶兽最萌


      根正苗紅的落魄饕餮蘿莉遇上禁欲系劍仙大叔,被大叔用美食一步步誘騙上勾,乖乖改名字叫二傻,白天陪大叔出去辦案,晚上還要陪大叔談情說愛。 The Li of abjection and gluttonous trailing plants of root Zheng Miaogong meets uncle of abstinency Ji Jianxian, be used by uncle cate is ticked off on coax step by step, darling and incognito word cries 2 foolish, accompany uncle to go out to handle a case by day, accompany uncle to fall in love even in the evening. Should be attacked by uncle that momently, gluttonous clutch points to consider sensory thing incorrect. "2 foolish you know not to know what calls one pace to arrive stomach. "   this is a termagancy eats Li of goods trailing plants to love go up the abdomen is black the story of abstinency uncle.

  • 红楼之黛眉倾城


      寒塘冷鴉,花魂月影,白玉為骨冰做心。 Cold pond cold crow, spend fetch month reflection, bai Yu makes a heart for bone ice. Hunan shade empty hangs down, tearful eyes frown, black eyebrow knits the brows gently appearance bend city. This lifetime, suffer many mishaps in one's life, parents double die, little small leave home, live under another's roof, get person cold shoulder. The person of green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, also be the happy match of others after all. Do not know after this only, the big where of the world is my home. Peak loop turns, leave the flourish state government office that lived 10 years, knowing this however is a paragraph how life... jade of   article black does not pass through, just beside the violet cuckoo that had to pass through, so the tale of red building runs have so different, the story of black jade I keep my heart with my pen, hope everybody can like the red building old practice of shallow the wording and purpose of what one writes clear.

  • 红楼多娇


      為官的,傢業凋零;富貴的,金銀散盡;有恩的,死裡逃生;無情的,分明報應。 Be an official, family property withered; Of riches and honour, bullion comes loose; Have of favour, barely escape one's life; Merciless, trenchant Nemesis. They 3 not be an official is not shown rich, did many good works however, so the god of the destiny just is met special favor. A traffic accident, world of one specific type. Sweet dream awakes, old father became Xing Zhong, old Mom became Mrs Xing, female advocate? The became that to rely on to live when the dress Xing Xiu cigarette that Bei presses. Others passes through, or does Lin Meimei, or does treasure elder sister, the poorest also be a fine Wen raid person and his like, how to arrive here, be the cannon fodder in cannon fodder however? Good, an An Zhi that comes already, besides has dear father to have close woman, went up to still collect the small steamed stuffed bun with an unidentified identity on the way, a 4 buccal neat effort, do not believe cannon fodder to do not have spring! In short, the article is. . . . . . Red building cannon fodder carries steamed stuffed bun strong counterattack! The 2nd of **********   small carry on one's shoulder red Lou Wen, hope to be broken through somewhat, hope everybody continues to support small carry on one's shoulder. Had not looked " word of red building night " can stamp I, growl, have additionally will complete work " drive vermilion gates-red-lacquered doors of wealthy homes " await everybody to caress

  • 稻湘学院的穿越生


      這個故事發生在遙遠的,編號為JW3的平行世界裡……  他,穆玄英,小名毛毛,是浩氣盟的少盟主。 This story happening is in distant, in the parallel world that number is JW3...   he, mu Xuanying, pet name wool, it is the little the leader of an alliance of noble spirit alliance. He, mo Yu, the little grain that is evil person cereal advocate. A bamboo stick used as a toy horse of their green plum is brought up together, be in together forest play officers and soldiers to capture robber, bathe below chute together, peek together female bathhouse, be caught together be hit, but, they entered hostile camp however, became the enemy. But, their brotherly ties of friendship never changes. Encounter again on bluff when them, brother runs Philistine, what kind of Romeo and Juliet does joint performance turn into general gut? ? ? Be in right now, mutation of wind and cloud! Thunder and bolt! History on the ground that be used is most, can be record in what auspicious Ni Siji records to pass through even means -- object cliff! Happened so. If, object cliff still can't pass through, irrespective, lightning elder brother also can come on the stage! such, our Mao Mao passed through current and contemporary inside the body of another Mu Xuanying, and he, it is paddy Hunan institute the elite student of this wushu institute! Mao Mao puts in domestic road 's charge to find, must the identity with the student, in paddy Hunan institute, learn well, every day up. * thanks the cover of 5 father! This * book already caught sword net 3 accredit.   

  • 四面友人


      夾縫中的人雖然苦,至少還有兩面的空間,當四面都是友人的時候…… Although the person in crack is sufferred from, return bifacial space at least, should be friend on four sides when...

  • 玉噬


      白晝交疊。 Daytime is handed in fold. Without only then without end. Then. Numerous flower is in ruined over.

  • 那年那天那人


      沒有簡介-- Without brief introduction -

  • 花梦晚阳


      如果說人生就是一場夢,那夢是否有盡頭  將穿越當成一場夢的話,我願永遠在這場夢裡陪伴你,永不清醒。 If say life is a dream, whether does that dream have an end to will pass through regard as the word of a dream, I wish to accompany you in this dream forever, never regain consciousness. In fact this is a little the text of an annotated book, great mind love a flower, couldn't help! ! ! ! ! Write first civil, thunder is not patted, close people lenient ah the article is taken off very happily actually (serious face)   is absolutely double place, without small 3, hard not revive (make a fist) male advocate beautiful full building

  • 如梦轻灵


      如夢幻一般,輕靈,縹緲......  像風,輕浮在你的臉旁,  如此溫暖,如此迷茫...... If dream is general, light spirit, dimly discernible. . . . . . Resemble wind, flirtatious by the face in you, so warm, so confused. . . . . .

  • 从眼角流出来的是什么


      沒有人可以告訴我,呵呵 Do not have a person to be able to tell me, ah

  • 细节凝成的婚姻


      “我們倆的婚姻”征文參賽作品  我們的婚姻,就是細節構成的生活! "We the marriage of two " call for paper take part in the match work our marriage, it is the living that detail makes!

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