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  • 天命为凰


      陸明舒從來不信命。 Liu Mingshu does not believe a life. Father is married again when the family broke up, do not believe, be lost to go valley emerge of itself and perish of itself when still do not believe. When repairing refine hard without resource, do not believe, face when indicating, numerousing people is to be not believed more. Little climbs from dust, reach the clouds of in one day, the world sidelong glance! Fair both neither can come, I am taken personally. The destiny if not favor, I am killed give a means of livilihood. Destiny might as well, I become feng4huang2 oneself! "It is a merciless woman really, for your go through fire and water, for you mechanism calculates, it is for you and day servent enemy, won't be you touched? "     " be, my so merciless woman, my what do you like? My what do you like??

  • 一指成仙


      當瞭三百多年的小幡鬼盧悅,因為自傢雙胎姐姐送的一滴精血,準備去輪回轉世,孰料,魔門大佬元嬰自暴,正值血月當空,輪回道上,盧悅被卷進一股時光亂流當中。 The Yue of Lu of ghost of small long narrow flag that became more than 300 years, an essence blood that sends because of oneself dual elder sister, preparation goes metempsychosis reincarnation, what makings, demon door old man yuan baby from cruel, be worth hematic month high above in the sky, metempsychosis on the road, lu Yue is coiled to flow into chaos of a time in the center. When awaking again, before returning a body two years dead however. Hard work generation, lu Yue is hardheaded, move toward a different celestial being way.   

  • 极品飞仙


      仙與魔的永恒爭鬥,琴與劍的絕世情緣,這是一個宏大而瑰麗的仙俠世界,一對少男少女踏上修仙路…… The lasting combat of celestial being and demon, the unique situation reason of musical instrument and sword, this is baronial and the world of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of magnificent, set foot on Xiu Xianlu to little male girl...

  • 素女寻仙


      一個平凡的袋子,一個能隱身的面具,將現代女張蕭晗的靈魂帶到瞭一個修真世界裡。 An ordinary bag, can the mask of concealed body, the incorporeal belt of will contemporary female Zhang Xiaohan went to to build true world in. Come already, install, zhang Xiaohan shrug, prepare to build up from nothing. But, how so much treasure, grab? Be still grabbed? Open new language, " damage builds celestial being group " : This is a damage and damage pass through at the same time, at the same time the story of damage masses, mutual damage. New language is begged collect, beg recommend a bank note, beg click, thank everybody.

  • 仙妻


      穿越瞭? Passed through? -- do not be afraid of do not be afraid of, an An Zhi that comes already. Should repair celestial being? That, need not need not endure hardships sleep by the side of be put into trouble Bian Xiuxian's tweak? Passed a lot of years, mix eat long still was opened by the author really what golden hand points to is female advocate encountered a more gloden Gao Fushuai. One face asks enigmaticly: "Bank of the XXX before you still remember 180 years your husband? "   well well? A what circumstance is this? QQ group: 26087172

  • 极品女仙


      一個現代女來到瞭一個陌生的世界,附身在一個被傢族拋棄的傢庭中。 Contemporary female came to a new world, add a body to be in by familial in the family that abandon. However because receive the inheritance of red Fu Zong, set foot on Xiu Xianlu. This book very bright, very the abdomen is black, very... , you understand! The bell uses friend of the world book group (1) : 165428789   bell uses friend of the world book group (2) : 526112987   bell uses friend delivering a letter group (Vip iron lever group) : 207029096 (enter group of need test and verify to order cut to pursue completely)

  • 仙灵图谱


      萬年前的傾天之禍,滄溟界與各界隔絕,通天大道就此斷絕。 The disaster of the bend day before all ages, dark blue seas bound and all circles are completely cut off, highway of exceeding lofty or great is broken off at this point. All ages goes, thirteenth acting nature's mystery child start to talk eventually say or state with certainty: The road open of exceeding lofty or great, take the place of here! And see me, carry celestial being clever a collection of illustrative plates, open the way of the day. *********   new book " destiny is feng4huang2 " Http://www.qdmm.com/MMWeb/1003310469.aspx   asks great support ~

  • 仙炖


      不是炒菜文,不是蒸菜文,不是燉菜文,真的不是做菜文啊啊! Not be fried dish article, not be evaporate dish article, not be article of the dish that stew, not be the article that make food really!    ------One is afraid of dirty be afraid of ache, be afraid that bug is afraid of the female paper of ghost, passed through competition is brutal, easily the dead, everywhere the world repairing celestial being of bewitching animal are this swollen do? ! Lin Qing: "Boundless celestial being road, and see me how adamancy rises, walk out of a different way that has melon daughter to match! . . . . . . Nevertheless, 54, didn't I get together really the hematic arteries and veins of money? Didn't I get together really the hematic arteries and veins of money??

  • 一仙难求


        作為女修士,長生路上要克服的困難太多。 As female friar, the difficulty that should overcome on immortal road is too much. Medicine of method of aptitude, result, red, a magic weapon, same cannot little. Feeling, weak, beneficent, avaricious, same cannot much. Not former, cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine is too slow, much latter, die too quickly. More very person, appearance otherwise passes not as good as, wisdom wants new book of   of ====== of   of neither more nor less than " destiny is feng4huang2 " Http://www.qdmm.com/MMWeb/1003310469.aspx   asks great support ~

  • 异界小厨仙


      時玉穿進一個男主文VS女主文的世界裡,  她表示天下風雲出你們,任你們打個昏天暗地,我隻要安安靜靜做我的美食就可。 Shi Yu wears the world that takes female main body of a court verdict of VS of a male main body of a court verdict in, she expresses the world wind and cloud to give you, hold the post of you to hit faint day of dark ground, I want only quiet the cate that does me but. What? Male basically eat hemp hot crayfish? Female basically eat delicacy to suckle cake? Male deserve to want to eat pig's large intestines to coil? Female deserve to want to eat secret to make the wing that bake? ...   is not urgent, each will queue up! -- -- -- -- -- --   already had " renascence silk female match " , " the vicious people princess of renascence " book of two be over, hole is tasted still go. Reader group date: 335061928.

  • 炮灰修仙


      小蘿莉帶著一串腿部掛件開啟大世之運,天道不認可她,那便跳出五行,逆流而上! Li of young trailing plants is taking ministry of a string of leg to hang the carry of an open old age, weather channel does not approbate her, that jumps out the five elements, refluent and go up! ...   this world ebbs because of demon battle, it is waiting, wait for the canto with one individual new open, aid it return is antediluvian the halo of old age! (without Cp, female advocate air transport is inapproachable, young wealthy old woman, aptitude is good)

  • 我家徒弟又挂了


      被稱為修仙界第一人的玉言尊上,等瞭一萬六千年,終於收到瞭一個徒弟,細心教導,認真呵護。 Bound of the Xiu Xian that be called the jade of the first person on character honour, waited 16000, received eventually prentice, attentive teach, caress seriously. Look at her to be comprehended gradually, slowly powerful, should fly soon towering when... she was hanged! Then he closed again one prentice, attentive teach, caress seriously, next... she was hanged again! At then he received again prentice, then... she still was hanged! Yu Yan: ...   is prentice: ...     (why every time renascence, can be collected to go back by same individual, throw ~~~~ )

  • 飘然玉仙


      【帶系統,非純爽文,無男主、無男主、無男主! [take a system, be not pure bright article, without male advocate, without male advocate, without male advocate! ] highway 50, tian Yan 49, beyond it is variable also be opportunity of survival. 77 accidents come to Chinese ink to repair true extent, obtain build true system, this thinking is the sky falls celestial being machine. Step by step before row, discover bramble of backside of road of celestial being of high official position is heavy however, the strange mother that advise in earnest, frenzied the unripe father that wants to foster her Cheng Luding, and look be like good clever root constitution, with falls from the day gold finger, not be like her to want that kind is simple. A vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes that conceals rearward no matter is after all enemy it is friendly, have why to attempt, and see her encounter Jiang Zejiang, in road of oneself celestial being of high official position is walked out of in the crisis step by step! [reader group: 436228704]

  • 修仙进行中


        穿成仙一代掛瞭的仙二代,林千藍一路披荊斬棘,仙心不改! The celestial being that wore celestial being generation to hang 2 generation, lin Qian is blue all the way break through brambles and thorns-hack one's way through difficulties, celestial being heart does not change!   of ﹏ of ﹏ of ﹏ of ﹏ of ﹏ of ﹏ ﹏ ﹏ remains the lofty spirit of a nation only vacate 2 goods to come out to look for trouble again: What break through brambles and thorns-hack one's way through difficulties? With hair dishevelled is about the same still! Ha! ! Ao ~~ toots...

  • 上神来了


      慕九仙路順遂,關鍵時刻卻卡住遲遲飛升不瞭。 Go well of Mu Jiuxian region, the moment of truth gets stuck to fly tardy however do not rise. The master pointed to a bright road to her, can mix in the middle of forhead originally await an opportunity to reach place to wish, which know to be collected however on the way return a choice pestering a person...   she goes out handle affairs, he is putting arm to visit a day: Come back earlier! She talks with celestial being an associate in office, his countless knives that mark a key point swing come over: Who is that boy? Her dinner party returns, drank two cups of wine more nevertheless, the vinegar of his overturn can perform a water to overflow golden hill simply...   Mu Jiu headaches a bit. As the god on a Hong Huang, this fellow how a bit is the nobility in unlike fokelore elegant?

  • 散修难为


      踏上修途一路被坑,何淼淼終於悟得真理:不想成為煉丹師的四靈根不是好散修。 Set foot on long road all the way by hole, he Miao vasts to realize eventually the truth: The 4 spirit root that does not want to make division of make pills of immortality is not good medicinal powder long.

  • 仙本纯良


      金飛瑤:我的夢想就是身處一個充滿愛與和平的修仙世界中,所有的一切敗類都應該毀滅。 Jin Feiyao: My dream is in personally namely in a Xiuxian world that is full of love and peace, all all degenerate should be destroyed. Everybody: That asks you to commit suicide first. As the bound that repair celestial being " degenerate " , I want to say: Actually I am the person of a simple good people, true! New book " I am summit summit BOSS " had been over this, seek a title directly or be author name can be found, welcome everybody to give directions. a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being of serialize new book " I am vessel of highest grade furnace " , want to seek title and author name directly likewise, thank everybody.

  • 凡女仙葫


      凡人少女莫清塵,是資質低下的四系偽靈根,修真之旅步步艱辛。 Laic girl Mo Qingchen, it is the root of spirit of 4 departments bogus with low aptitude, xiuzhen's brigade step by step hardships. Fortunately wine calabash, can spirit of accelerate the ripening is careless, can... for her open door of an exceeding lofty or great. And see ordinary girl how carry celestial being Hu, play turn repair true mainland, set foot on the force that asks a day! Acknowledgment " after highest grade is betted " I call the writer plum facial face is made to this book cover, liu Xie loves greatly. Complement additionally, liu Xie has had a 1 million words be over this work, so hole is tasted admirable, children's footwear people can put palpitant hole.

  • 师徒养成攻略


      穿越瞭不可怕,就怕穿越有落差。 Passed through to cannot be afraid of, be afraid of pass through have head. Of come to an agreement or understanding pass through to take golden finger oneself, does bud bestow favor on clever stone to fly all over the sky? Dozen of face daughter of come to an agreement or understanding bang matching bang is loud, male advocate love me only one person? Master, you cannot receive prentice again, carry high free captive animals of expensive handgrip other people? Some master: "Good prentice, the master gets door cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine to be in individual, this word looks you had been not joined realize lucid ah. "   this is priggish very prentice carry crooked story to the master. Favorite reader greatly people be recommended please and be collected.

  • 一品仙娇


      重生於幼年。 Renascence at childhood. Everything begins afresh. Mu Wan aspire wants Xiu Xian: Although celestial being path is difficult, I will fluctuate and search.

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