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  • 冠军之心


      “周先生,我們註意到您小時候曾經涉獵過籃球、乒乓球、羽毛球、圍棋、跳棋、五子棋、中國象棋、國際象棋、書法繪畫、吉他音樂……等多方面的領域,那這是否意味著就算您當初不選擇足球做您的職業,您在其他領域也一樣可以取得如今的成功? "Week gentleman, we notice you in one's childhood once dabble lives music of brushwork of chess of basketball, ping-pong, badminton, go, Chinese checkers, gobang, China, chess, calligraphy, guitar... the domain that waits for many sided, whether do this mean the occupation that calculates you not to choose a football to do you at the outset then, can you also gain the success nowadays euqally in other sphere? " " this... go up in the football only, I just have far more than heat of 3 minutes. " " so before are we enumerated are those you 3 minutes only the child of heat? " " those hobbies that are me only. " " Where is that football? Is the football your hobby? " " not, the football is love! The football is love!!

  • 限制级巨星


      我胖? Am I fat? I am wretched still. Avaricious? My strike back is black. This is fatso of a wretched taking a system to enter the old practice that swings football. Limitative class subscribes to group: 554175932   kickball helps: 608815778 (into group need to be ordered completely)

  • 超能名帅


      一個來自中國的菜鳥教練,孤身闖蕩歐洲足壇,立志成為世界頂尖名帥。 One comes from dish bird coach of China, gu body is entered swing European football, aspire becomes world center the name is handsome.

  • 球场教父


      這是一個關於追求勝利的故事。 This is a story that wins about pursuit. "You need to remember well only a bit, here, I just am the most serious person! " energy of life of Li Ang bully is very, the bishop's experienced authority nots allow to challenge, all people must realise this. Some people are fed up with him, some person insanity adore him. I am Li Ang, this is my story, a story that conquers about dreaming to mix. " field is patristic " the book is friendly group: 172599540

  • 篮球之娱乐帝王


      最熱血的籃球、最騷包的街球技術,最美好的愛情,一段關於娛樂圈和籃球的故事,NBA總冠軍,女神們的傾慕,這一切,都從《籃球之娛樂帝王》開始! Most hot-blooded basketball, most the street ball technology that coquettish includes, the best love, one paragraph encircles the story with basketball about recreation, NBA total champion, goddess people adore, all these, from " the recreational monarch of basketball " begin! The point that misses ball learning a street comes in, thorn is sweet people the dot comes in ~   reader group date: 362633120  

  • 超级全能巨星


      他是史上最全能的巨星,能勝任場上任何位置,從阿賈克斯起步,一步步征服歐洲足壇,進而征服世界足壇! He is history go up most all-pervasive giant star, can be competent any positions on field, start from Agukesi, conquer step by step European football, conquer then world football! This is a world that is full of warm blood, be full of passionate world! Do not have in Chen Fan's dictionary " abandon " one word, he is the pronoun that never abandons!

  • 立地蛮太岁


      本書原名《終極低位大殺器》,說的夠具體瞭吧。 This book original name " culminating low kill greatly implement " , those who say is quite specific. This book book is friendly group: 118-493-983, welcome to join.

  • 控球先生


      這是後喬丹時代以來NBA最鼎盛的時期。 This is hind since tall red times NBA most the period of at the height of power and splendour. Shark stone Buddha, by turns be the banker. Division moxa wheat gets stuck, each are gotten coquettish. 03 generation, horizontal sky is born. Spherule storm, enterprise already came...     [VIP group: 72249170]   this also is Chinese recreation before encircling force reshuffle dark emerge period. On Hongkong's person north, stage amusement force is small, the mainland is small unripe female role gradually effervescent...   Zhou Zheng, the student studying abroad of a Stanford. Break dream to answer archives to set out afresh from spring of 4 years, and see him how two bounds laugh at over or across be proud NBA, play turn recreational group, achievement generation is indefectible day king, gentleman controlling a ball.

  • 篮坛教皇


      網站NBA數據管理員重生到1997年的美國,一鳴驚人,成為瞭點廢成金的籃壇教皇! Renascence of manager of website NBA data goes to the United States 1997, amaze the people with a single brilliant feat, became a dot to abandon basket altar pope of gold! The book is friendly group of date: 13774889

  • 中锋之道


      主角並不討所有人喜歡  ——凱文.勒夫:“博古特和瓦萊喬跟安傑比起來,也隻是小巫見大巫瞭。 Leading role does not denounce everybody to like   -- Kevin. Le Fu: "Bogute and tall of made of baked clay Lai rise with Anjiebi, also be a be outshone only. The little trick that he used more than 10 kinds to differ when following my counterpoint will irritate I perhaps throw into confusion my rhythm, besides, he still used a holiday 5 times to fall! And after every time holiday falls he the expression with that one innocent face lets myself simply within an inch of was cheated by him! Want me to say, he is the number one cancer in NBA alliance! " the person that   likes him is so mad   however -- in the home of youth of most United States paste is worn his placard, player of a lot of colleges comes with his story him drive. Far be in Asia and Europe, he has quite tall person energy of life as much. Not, what I say is not Lebulang Zhanmusi, what I say is that He Yaoming comes from same an An Jie of land! In this spherule times, the romaunt of the traditional center An Jie of the most successful the richest also controversy. Welcome to watch! The book is friendly group of QQ: 426042887

  • 篮坛紫锋


      數據! Data! Data! Data! Nba is a big data! Champion number is data! Mvp is data! Optimal battle array is data! Historical status is data! Even more or less is yearly salary data! Tang Qian, regard Nba data as maniac send a person, his target occupies Nba data a list of names posted up by force namely, become the king of the new data of Nba! ! ! (96 generation, extinguish of general of wind and cloud. Write in king of old division, booby, wolf, Carter to retire eve. This momently, we will follow Tang Qian, go hold a memorial ceremony for those once passion. ) article light data sheds   , welcome everybody to sample! ! ! Ben Shuqun date: 4-9-7-7-4-6-4-9-2, welcome everybody to enter group! ! !

  • NBA大反派


      懷有籃球夢想的大廚子天賦平平,漂洋過海來到米國卻被人騙光財產,好不容易憑借一手廚藝站穩腳跟,卻又遇到纏人的混混,正當走投無路之時,他意外得到瞭一個神奇的系統…… The big cook talent that has basketball dream flatly, bleach ocean to cross the sea to be cheated however smooth belongings, good depend on skill not easily hutch art stands firm, encounter those who pester a person to mix again however, proper have no way out when, he got a magical system accidentally...

  • 天才控卫


      身體不好,速度不快,個頭又矮。 The body is bad, speed is unhappy, build short. He does not have athlete of a basketball some this primary quality. But he has feel of shoot a basket of active service first however... he is called the specimen of shoot a basket of sacred creation! However, this just begins. Begin to blossom when ring ray, I am not to who be aimed at, I am to say, the everybody that be present is rubbish! --   built group, group date 238492556, the friend that the welcome has fun at comes along Lao Lao crack with teeth in mouth.

  • 中场统治者


      這是一個天使和魔鬼賦予一身的人,從少年到現在。 This is an angel and devil gift the person of a suit, arrive from the teenager now. No matter where be, he means talent and victory, also mean unruly of unruly or unrestrained and stir up trouble.    ---------------Pick from 2019 " French football " PS: of   of absolute giant star? A huge legendary turtle of ? of Yan Xingou bureau crouchs?70 of Jin of polonium collate Le 10 thousand words, bearing assures, be at ease collect!

  • 我是奥运大明星


      蕭然穿越到平行世界,得到瞭“全能奧運明星”系統。 Xiao Ran passes through parallel world, got " all-pervasive Olympic Games stars " system. The athletics of the first activation, it is the LOL of electronic athletics unexpectedly! Fortunately, electronic athletics also brought into the Olympic Games. 5 kill, exceed club of god, cause sb's death by maltreating him. Is Xiao Ran dozen of wild player... what? How does he hit sheet this? ? ! ! Ban dozen wild the hero of Carry of odd Xiao Ran in mixing... I lean, how he makes sheet again! ! ! "Open quotation open quotation, everybody guesses the bureau below desolate god to call what position! ! ! "     ... ...     " why! ! Why the player of an electron athletics, 100 meters can run into 9 seconds 8! ! "     " what, the speed that he swims, exceeded Feierpusai unexpectedly! ! ! "     ... ...   Xiao Ran, one is had " all-pervasive Olympic Games stars " systematic man...

  • 传奇巨星


      “孟是邁克爾之後,這個聯盟最偉大的超級巨星,關於孟和邁克爾誰更強,我想如果孟能夠在常規賽多用一點力氣,或者在進攻端在多耗費那麼一點精力,那麼我想就不會有人在問我這個問題瞭”菲爾傑克遜。 "After Meng Shimai overcomes Er, the super giant star with this the greatest alliance, overcome Er about Meng Hemai who is stronger, if Meng Neng is in quite,I think groovy contest is a bit more multi-purpose effort, perhaps be in in aggression end expend more so a bit energy, so I think won't somebody was asking me this question " Feierjiekexun. "About I and Lebulang who is just allied history the 2nd great small forward, I won't answer this question you. What, who do you ask me to ability is the greatest small forward on allied history, it is the first month of course, this is without doubt. " Lalibaide. "The first month is my God, my play a ball game the style is imitating him namely, to this, I won't be denied, I still can feel proud for this. " Lebulang Zhanmusi. Speed and skill, force and passion, courage and honor, all be in book of legend giant star is friendly group: 53053730

  • 超级小前锋


      “我要讓每個客場響起beat LA! "I should make every guest field noisy remove Beat LA! "   rebuilds lake person halo! Chinese player is in NBA contend for hegemony, make the way of the strongest small forward!

  • 超级角色球员


      書友群:469884964;  21世紀,聯盟進入小球時代,中鋒的沒落,控衛的崛起,三分成為王道,新時代就這樣來臨瞭。 The book is friendly group: 469884964; 21 centuries, alliance enters spherule period, of center downfallen, accuse defended rise, make kingly way 3 minutes, new era came so. The Anxi that within an inch of is forced to go back to the motherland, choosing the polo shirt that a damaged received before show, get polo shirt system at this point, mix 3 minutes defend, let him become the part player with the most high grade alliance, and the Anxi of effort also is expecting some day to become real giant star.   

  • 锋神传奇


      諾伊爾:他是我最好的朋友,但是拋除朋友關系,我認為他是現在最好的前鋒之一,作為守門員面對他壓力山大。 Nuoyier: He is my best friend, but cast concern except the friend, I think he is now one of best forward, face him as goalkeeper pressure hill is big. Kaxiliyasi: I thought he is best forward! Cloth Feng: This boy early has enemy with me! I expect one day we can cooperate. Saisaer: We once had been waited for together, he is not the strongest at that time, but he is to be able to be mixed for certain now the character that C collect, Meixi places on a par. Muliniao: He is not the machine of the goal only, he can be brought to team a lot of. They speak highly of that---The man that wampee skin black hair is keeping Chinese characters just laughs undemonstratively: "Actually you should call my sharp edge the god! "     . . . . . . . . "Too shameless! I myself had not sealed date! " Baluoteli is not had language. Actually sharp edge god is not the name that he gives himself, it is everybody only opinion, teenager Zhang Yuan just tries hard by right of his step by step endowment just got admissive just.

  • 绿茵称王


      弗格森:在我漫長的足球生涯中,從來也沒有見過比艾幻還有天賦的球員,在球場上他就是上帝! Ferguson: In my long football career, also had never seen giftedder than Ai Huanhai player, go up in field he is sacred! Muliniao: Is my football deformed? If give me moxa unreal, I can use the most deformed football conquer world. Melon Diaola: His morality also was taken away however while god gave his talent ball ability. Le Fu: Why is he German? C collect: Do not make me with moxa unreal again compared, he is center, and I am therein field Mei Xi: Be born in same age with him is lucky also be sad, fortunately I am a wing only, do not need living below his shadow Maladuona: Ball king? He still does not deserve, at least he still needs energetically divine cup! Moxa unreal: What ball king? I am a kickball nevertheless, what be good at exclusively is to kill the match only just.

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