• 一念永恒


      一念成滄海,一念化桑田。 Read aloud the sea, read aloud change Sang Tian. Miss cut 1000 demon, read aloud kill 10 thousand celestial being. Only I read aloud... lasting this is ear root afterwards " celestial being is gone against " " beg demon " " my desire Feng Tian " hind, the 4th novel of creation " read aloud eternity "

  • 大主宰


      大千世界,位面交匯,萬族林立,群雄薈萃,一位位來自下位面的天之至尊,在這無盡世界,演繹著令人向往的傳奇,追求著那主宰之路。 The boundless universe, the face is handed in collect, 10 thousand a group of things with common features bristly, assemble of a large number of heroes, one come from those who finish the day of a face to come honour, in this endless world, deducing the legend that makes a person yearning, seeking the way of that dictate. Endless fire land with certain boundaries, phlogistic emperor in control of, 10 thousand fire burn canopy. In fierce condition, fierce Zu Zhiwei, awe heaven and earth. The hall of Western Paradise, the emperor of 100 battle, battle power is not had but enemy. The grave of boreal barren, the ground of 10 thousand graves, not dead advocate town heaven and earth. . . . . . . The boy goes from boreal clever condition, ride sparrow of 9 the nether world, enter to world of that diverse and confused of wonderful unsurpassed, the road of dictate, who advocate ups and downs? The boundless universe, 10 thousand are contended for sharp edge, I is big dictate.   

  • 雪鹰领主


        在夏族的安陽行省,有一個很小很不起眼的領地,叫——雪鷹領! The An Yang in summerly a group of things with common features is saved all right, have very small very ordinary feudal, cry -- Xue Ying is gotten! Story, begin from here! **   afterwards " discipline of rank grass barren " " gobble up sky " " 9 vessels are written down " " Pan Long " " stars goes " " Cun Mang " " astral peak is fabulous " hind, the 8th novel of tomato!   

  • 圣墟


      在破敗中崛起,在寂滅中復蘇。 Rise abruptly in tumble down, in lonely in destroying, anabiosis. The sea becomes this world, thunder is dried up, that deep and remote mist draws near again the earth, worldly chains was opened, a brand-new world opens secret one corner at this point...

  • 修真聊天群


      某天,宋書航意外加入瞭一個仙俠中二病資深患者的交流群,裡面的群友們都以‘道友’相稱,群名片都是各種府主、洞主、真人、天師。 One of these day, song Shuhang joined the 2 disease in a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of a celestial being accidentally the communication of senior patient group, group of friend inside people with ' the talk is friendly ' proportional, group calling card is all sorts of government office advocate, hole advocate, division of true person, day. Lian Qun advocate the pet dog of be lost calls big bewitching dog to run away from home. What chat all the day is what of experience of work of the make pills of immortality, condition that charge secretary, refine. Abrupt one day, he of phreatic water a long time discovers suddenly... group in each group member, it is to repair entirely actually true person, of transform nature, can immortal chiliad the sort of! Ah ah ah, world outlook is dying thoroughly overnight break! The book is friendly group: 9 continent 1 group: 207572656   9 continent 2 group: 168114177   9 continent group (VIP book is friendly group, need test and verify) 63769632

  • 不朽凡人


      在這裡,擁有靈根才能修仙,所有凡根註定隻是凡人。 Here, have Ling Gencai to be able to repair celestial being, all every root is destined is laic only. Mo Moji, have every root only, one interpose is laic!   

  • 重生完美时代


      老牌程序員出身的李牧,被命運一腳踹回瞭2001年高考的當口,他欣喜的拍拍屁股,起身便踏上瞭一條註定牛X的道路。 The Li Mu of one's previous experience of old brand programmer, by the destiny one foot kick was answered 2001 of the university entrance exam when the mouth, he is patted gladly tap the end, rose to set foot on to be destined the road of bovine X. Hard work bout, li Mu has his own pursuit, making money is the primary level of bovine X only, as to publish times weekly publication, make bully IT industry, Forbes asking a vessel a list of names posted up, the intermediate level that also is life with respect to reluctance, as to the highest state that what just is bovine X, li Mu feels to have the following at 3 o'clock: Those who do famous person is patristic; Make the image of wealthy person; The dry father that becomes Niu Ren...  ---------Cannot avoid custom built a constituency group: 526459805, the welcome comes in the talk nonsense that blow water.

  • 放开那个女巫


      程巖原以為穿越到瞭歐洲中世紀,成為瞭一位光榮的王子。 Cheng Yan thinks formerly passed through Europe is mediaeval, became a glorious prince. But is what this world thinks with oneself it seems that not quite same? Sibylline and actual existence, and still have magic power really? Sibylline farm article, have till the land after all.

  • 天道图书馆


      【2017最火玄幻作品,海外點擊第一】張懸穿越異界,成瞭一名光榮的教師,腦海中多出瞭一個神秘的圖書館。 [2017 most work of igneous black unreal, abroad click the first] Zhang Xuan passes through different bound, became a glorious teacher, the many gave a mystery library in brain. Want the thing that he has seen only, no matter the person still is content, can form a book automatically, the record issues the defect with various the other side, then, his ox is big! Education is unripe, close prentice, hall give lessons, tone teachs most overmatch, impart the world. "Bright Yang Dadi, how don't you like to wear briefs? Formidable great emperor, can you notice to choose figure? "     " exquisite faery, you if in the evening again insomnia, can look for me, my this individual sings those who sleep peacefully music has one to cover very much! "     " still have you, gentleman of demon of heaven and earth, can eat bit of green Chinese onion less, want to fume father dead? "   this is inheritance of line of a division, education, show the world most the ox